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Slow site?

Siam Sam

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Is it just me or is this site really slow to navigate through now? I don't have any problems on the other LOS related sites.......

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its really slow for me and somtimes knocks my internet off

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yeh sometimes i find it a bit slow, depends on time of day i think,but remember there is a lot of traffic on addicts,but its worth the little wait

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Pretty slow for me too..

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haven't logged on for a while and thought it was just my com acting up.

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yep, its definitely the site....all other sites im on (including pattaya based ones) are lightening fast...but this one is slower than a drunk turtle crossing beach road at rush hour.


not sure what happened...but ive totally given up on the shout box cuz half of the messages i type dont even go through...and when they do its soooooooooooooooooo slow.


but, still will try and keep up...not sure if we need an upgrade or what, but there has definitely been a noticeable change over the last few months.


Cheers, Alex

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Yes very slow for me too I hope they fix it soon.

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i think it was only me...


same as you guys, my navigation trough the board is very slow and sometimes i can't wait the load of the page... it's too long it's take sometimes 1 minute.

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its been slow for the past few days at least

Ary ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba


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I'm also experiencing problems with the site. I'm not that patient and have to use the Task Manager to end task, and then log back on again !

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