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Q. What is the best simcard for cheap uk calls

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About 2 or 3 months ago i got a true move sim card from 7/11.

i think it was red colour and 50bht i think. it even had load already.


they did international calls for 2 bht (low quality, and lots of prefix numbers - it was a pain and it never worked for me)


but the high quality calls were only around 5 maybe 10 bht (i cant remember now)


I went into 7/11 today and they don't do them. they offered me a happy sim card. they thought calls were 15 baht. actually the happy website says uk calls are 18 bht (good for usa calls at 4 bht though).


can i get a sim that beats the 10 bht that i can get in internet/call shops??????????



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i note that the thread.................Cheap calls Thai to UK........does not really answer the question.


i dont have a computer. i just want to know the sim card with cheapest uk landline calls. and the exact price if possible please.


or even better where they still sell those true move international cards. i'm a little knarcked that i lost it now.


someone must know this!


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nobody in town seems to know anything about that 2bht per minute true move card.

the thais look at me as if i'm lying - but i even still have the packet the sim card came in. and it wasnt that long ago i bought it.


1-2-call (7/11) sim card. COST 50 bht. validity = 1 month (and then you have to top up with quite a lot of money to keep the card valid - somrthing like that, the 1-2-call sales desk in carrefour couldn't even explain how long sim cards last for.


Anyway, when you have one of these you prefix calls to uk with 009. it costs 7 bht / min

if you dont prefix, it will cost 18 bht / min


i seem to keep answering my own questions here. I dont see a thread already answering this, and it seems a relevant question - to get cheap calls home.

so why no response??????????

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The only alternative I know of is the Hatari Card. Comes in denominations of 300 and 500 baht. You use it in addition to your regular phone card. It offers toll free access from your mobile and from then on calls to UK should be around 4 baht/min.

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What i was talking about is a TRUE MOVE INTER SIM.


You can buy it on AirAsia flights. Never seen in shops but maybe have in trueMove shop.


Cost 50 bht with 5 bht credit.


Calls within Thailand 1.5 bht per min. or 0.5 bht to another true move number.


International calls :


Low quality calls.................(i couldn't get these to work but i'm shit with phones)

USA/canada/china/hkg/NZ/FRA/SPN/SWE/DEN 1 baht per min

Most of europe/AUS 2 baht per min


High quality calls.................

USA evening 4 bht per min , daytime 8 bht per min

UK evening 4 bht , daytime 14/16 bht (fixed/cell phone)


Low quality calls look good deal - if i can get them to work!!

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All i use is a standard Happy sim from DTAC and preface any international calls i make with 009

For example i will use a ficticious UK number:

Normal number to dial is 0044 0208 456 4321

Cheap rate number to dial would be 009 44 208 456 4321

Dunno what rates are, but i had a 300 baht topup and it's still got loads left on it, so i assume they are on a par with your high quality call rates given

Dunno if the above would work with a one-2-call sim though



No bad grammer or spelling mistakes here !!!!

Its the all new language i have invented called "Typonese"

Copies of the book and DVDs are on sale and are availible at the main desc at the exit sine

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