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Muay Thai


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Hey there,


I will be in Thailand in September for my 2nd time and Pattaya for my 1st time. I wondered if there is a good possibility to learn Muay Thai somewhere in Pattaya. Yeah I know that this is not one of the main issues in this forum :GoldenSmile1: but I thought why not try asking them - there is nothing to lose =)

I am a totally beginner, but I would still like to see what it's like to do some lessons in the country where it's born...


So I would be glad for any answers!


(btw... english is not my native language so I'm sorry for all the mistakes that might happened in that little message)

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Hi takaianaa,


I am interested in something like this, but have not tried yet. I will be back out in May and I was looking at this place : http://www.kombatgroup.com/pattaya-kombat-village.html


I can let you know how it is after May.



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wish i had found sidyontong while I was over there.

I have done over 25 years of martial arts (2 of which were competition muay thai) and was looking for a place to train for a few days while I was there with my teerak.

All I found were a bunch of jokers in the farang Gyms and a lot of staged competitions.

I did know of the existance of the real places being there, but when I was there nobody seemed to know what i was talking about and I really didn't have much time to find them while the missus was at work.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

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nice link, guess thats what I need - as I am a totally beginner :/

I really hope to hear of your experiences after may!



if thats you on that avatar then you are incredible huge man :22600584-Th: i would not even dare to fight you if you had no martial arts skills :D

i have to check your link more closely, but I have already one question: do you think they would train a farang even if he is a beginner? because I would really be looking forward to such a professional training... I just wonder if they are looking for me hehe :D



thx m8 and respect @ 25 years of martial arts... I would love to be able to say something like that about me in 25 years :D

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hmmm maybe that sounds a bit strange but I have no problems with what you told me... at least not yet haha :)

so I guess i will really check this out in September... :P



crazy that kat is the boxer, never would have guessed that... but thats cool, especially because I can imagine a lot of guys would have problems if their wife is doing Muay Thai

and she's damn hot :D good job m8

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Oh no, I'm mild and peace loving, the blond is my wife Kat- she's the boxer in the family :P


It's not like a kung fu thing, Thai's are always willing to take your money. It's just the quality of instructions depends a lot on your attitude.


Farang come into the camp, are convinced they know what they are doing, say they want to do this, or ignore the coach the first time they are corrected on technique, that's the last tip they get. Thai's follow the Confucian tradition, there is no dialog with the teacher, teacher says, you do, that's it.


Kat does her run everyday, coach rides alongside with his scooter, she slacks off, she gets a kick- most Farang are not used to this kind of thing and won't tolerate it. They are professionals, you won't get injured, they are not out kicking banana trees or anything. But there is no "your way", they teach their style, you do that. You kick the bag until they tell you to stop, you don't just take a break and walk away because you figure "that's about right". Otherwise they will simply hold the pads, go through the motions and you'll miss out on what they have to offer.


Kat is southpaw but they only teach orthodox lead, who knows why? So she learns that way, does not argue, and then if she wants to she can go to another camp that teaches Muay Thai in southpaw.


If you check your ego at the door and do what you are told you can learn a lot, otherwise they will just run you through the motions and it might as well be cardio kickboxing.



I spent quite a while studying BJJ and Kickboxing and it sound like you get out what you put in training in Thailand. I kinda wish it was that way here. Nothing I hate more in class than some dickhead with no skill and an attitude thinking they know best. The southpaw thing seems kinda funny, but everyone should be able to fight with either side forward so I bet it could really benefit her in the long run.

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Even though they are a bit more expensive and commercial Fairtex are just off Dolphin roundabout.

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If you are a novice, you will gain a lot of knowledge pretty much wherever you train..the methods may be slightly different but like anything, you have to learn the basics first-stance, technique, etc..Only through proper technique do you learn to put real power into a technique.

Sityodthong has a good reputation, although fairtex is well established IMHO its more about the baht to them than howmuch you excell/learn..Mr Poo is a good person to contact, he trains pro fighters and is also a well known fight promoter.


Milo, Im very surprised they don't teach her to fight southpaw stance..although its always best if you have equal technique/power/speed/agility in both sides, in reality, unless you are ambidextrous, this simply just doesnt happen and in MT the golden rule from day 1 is to always have your stronger "power leg" at the back, not the front...although every teacher has their own methods/reasons they should listen to feedback from the student.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction - "it was just the internet.." is not an excuse.

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I will agree that humble attitude is the best if you are to learn anything. No matter what level of training you are at.

I haven't had a fight (competition) in over 4 years now. When I becam a monk I was asked to give it up, so now I just teach it from time to time.


One of the best ways to check out a club is to go watch a class (if you are allowed - when I trained with the Shaolin, there was no option to watch...just do!)

If you like what you see then go for it. You could also ask to talk to some of the senior students and see what their vibe is.

some people prefer matcho in your face training and some prefer more friendly and there are many training Gyms in between to cater for how everyone best learns.


Most important thing is to enjoy it and allow yourself to go with the flow....I could start going on about empty cups and a myriad of other 'Daniel son' sayings, but hopefully you will find something for yourself, the place Milo is talking of sounds pretty good to me so far. (only thing was Milo I was always taught the slip and weave to be a bit of a no no with muaythai, as it leaves you more open to the kicks, could have been mistaken though.peace)

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the thing is I am quite sure that I will enjoy almost any training... I am really enthuastic in sports and I am willing to spend a lot of efforts in it...


i came to Muay Thai because of a "self defense training" in a fitness center at home... the teacher fought professionell when he was younger and he tought a a friend and me some basics... a few days later I bought a book for beginners... and now I will give a lot of summer, sea, sun time for it :Grin3:


this is maybe offtopic, but personal interest:


how did u become a monk? or did u already tell this story in another thread?

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I haven't done it in another thread yet, but I might do one day :BeerFunnel1:


Short story was after training with some Shaolin monks for about a year, had the chance to move to China, but things went wrong so I ended up living in another temple (for 6 years) then was offered the chance to do a 1 year retreat as a monk on an island with no contact with the outside world.

I was already part of the Buddhist community, so I guess thats why it was easier for me to find it.


We all have our own path, keep your eyes and heart open and the path is more easily seen. :)

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nice story... if you ever write it down in a longer version, let me know pls

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