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Golf in Philippines

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The Golf course at Clark field is in bad shape...The few other courses outside Clark I have been told are kept up by Contractors that make the lowest bids..More expensive then Thailand and not as well maintained

No place on the Planet like Pattaya..Don't let your meat loaf

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Played a couple of courses near Cebu. Don't bother, not worth the money. Nothing like Thailand in my opinion. The courses were surrounded by high walls with barbed wire on the top and there were heavily armed guards at the only drink stop.

Clubhouse facilities were poor  and the caddies were a rag tag bunch. The compulsory carts were badly maintained and were spewing noxious smoke from their broken exhausts.

Would never go back.

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Around Angeles City the biggest problem for tourist's is transportation.  There are several courses on Clark, one is not much more than a cow pasture, one decent shape and one nice shape.  It will cost you about US $30 to play the cow pasture, $125 to play the decent one and north of $150 to play the nice course.   There is a 9 hole par 3 that is a joke and a 9 hole out in Malabacat that is pretty much a cow pasture as well, will run about $30 to play.   

About 29 kilometers away in San Fernando there is a decent course (Beverly Place).  Cost you about $75 for a round there.  That includes a shared cart and caddie.  

About 35 kilometers away in Lubao is the course (Pradera Verde) that I play several times a week.  Three years old, 27 hole, very nice and well maintained.  This place will cost you about $75 a round as well.  The problem with this course is they have lots of Korean tourists playing there.  When I say lots I mean like north of 400 Koreans a day they run through there in high season.  It's started slowing down now, but still more than 200 a day.  Good thing is they start showing up at 8, so we tee off at 6 and make our turn before they get started.

But like I said transportation will be your problem.  There are several golf tour outfits here that cater to the Koreans that will pick you up and bring you back after golf.  But your gonna be stuck in a bus with a bunch of Koreans smoking like a chimney and stuck playing with them.  So expect a 5 to 6 hour round!

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Well, that answers a question I've had in my head since my recent trip to Pattaya.

We were getting 22 baht for our dollar and started to think about alternatives for our golfing trips.

Gonna keep going back to Patts methinks.


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On 14/03/2019 at 12:47, Scuba+ said:


Anyone play golf in Philippines? are there golf courses all over the place? cost similar to Thailand? compulsory caddy fee?...


I have looked into this recently as there are a bunch of courses south of Manilla. hotels are more expensive, double what you would pay for Areca Lodge for instance and in a worse state. As to the golf on the websites they looked very much like members clubs. Private members clubs. I could see green fee prices for playing with a member but none for a visitor. And they were bloody expensive playing with a member.

I think these better courses are closed shops for wealthy expats who like their privacy.

So I scrapped the idea in a heartbeat.

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