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Help translate

Harry Brown

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Can any of you guys help translate this please.

Person 1



Person 2


Person 1


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Hard to understand for me, you have an context for this ?


ใม่ต้อง = not necessary

หวานจนเลี่ยน  = not sure without context, maybe this is an Phrase ? can be translated to "Sweet until even", could be "[to be] Sweet till [be] smooth" too

กุชอบคนเงี่ย = I Like someone who is Horny / Could also be a typo, กุ is translated to "Lie", but i think she wanted to say กู which is slang speech for "Me"

มึงใม่รุหรอ = You dont know that [Question]


ฉันด้วย = Me Too



ควยรัยมึง = Not sure, looks like a typo or maybe slangspeech.


Sorry can not translate this 100%, better wait for someone read better then me.

ต่างภูมิลำเนา แต่ว่าเฮาก็เป็นคนไทย

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Why i cant edit my post :wacko:


Edit to Person 2 Last setence:

ควย = 2 faced woman, bitch

รัย = could be a typo, only word i can think of is ร้าย whichmeans [to be] Evil

มึง = you, but มึง is a bit filthy to say if the person you talk with is not an close friend or a Family member, same as กู


Like sad above, give a context to this.

ต่างภูมิลำเนา แต่ว่าเฮาก็เป็นคนไทย

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My take on it:

Person 1 (probably a guy)
ใม่ต้องหวานจนเลี่ยน - You don't have to be so corny (หวานจนเลี่ยน is an expression meaning corny/cheesy)

กุชอบคนเงี่ยนมึงใม่รุหรอ - I like someone who is horny, don't you know?

Person 2 (probably a girl)
ฉันด้วย - Me too

Person 1
ควยรัยมึง -> not sure, but probably something like: what the fuck??

ควย is a curseword, literally meaning dick
ไร is probably short for อะไร - what
มึง is a (very) informal word for you

ขออภัยในความไม่สะดวก กูเกิลทรานสเลทไม่สามารถแปลข้อมูลนี้ได้ 

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Hi Harry - I ran it through Google translator and got.

Person 1

Not so sweet
Do you like horny men?

Person 2

me too

Person 1

Fuck you

Sounds like an exchange with a katoey.  

Take care - CF




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I'd go with Slick67's translation, looks accurate to me. It's so hard translating snippets of social media conversations as it's hard to work out context and they use so many abbreviations these days


The truth is immortal but people who speak it aren't - Thai proverb

Karl's Thailand - My YouTube Channel



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