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How I sick in Pattaya or magic 10 POWERS !


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I'll start from far beyond.   I've had back and neck problems for the last 15 years already, and as a result - 4 disc bulges (hernias) on the spine and 2 on the neck.

Treatment? Well, I've got all sorts of treatments.   The corset belt and the neck collar are always with me, like "God save the king".

Now, "to the quick of the ulcer", as they say...

Last June I flew to my native St.Petersburg to sell my car.   I won't go into technical details, but as part of this I had to (virtually) tear off wheels.   I would have done better if I had asked someone to do it for money, but no, greed overwhelmed and I went for it myself.  The result was overstrained spine (once again).  11 hour flight back added up to this trouble, so when I got to my also native Pattaya I was wrenched out.  Then it was a nightmare, the pains were so severe that I almost climbed to the walls for pain.   My "best-loved" Alfa insurance company surely told me to fuck off with such a diagnosis.  The only thing I managed to squeeze out of them was x-raying.  And then, as one our Russian singer sings "the crunchy banknotes flew and flew...".  MRI - 15 000, BumRumgrad Hospital - 4 800, to say nothing of medicines that killed my stomach for the time being.    All with no effect - still could not walk and howled to the moon at night.   Now about the main thing.   Once in two days, a small truck delivers products to my wifee's shop.   The boss is behind the wheel himself and only a loader boy with him.   Next time they came the boy asked her where's Alex, long time no see, and my darling replied that her poor wretch was chasing doctors in Pattaya.   And the guy says don't you remember I told you I had the same thing long time ago and with complications so that even my mouth was askew?  Then I drank some water and all ok now, and I can fetch this water to Alex if you wish.   And so, he took three bottles of this cure for me next time... And I started to drink it little by little... And the result is like in fairy tales... I now do not remember where my spine is and..., vow, in my ancient age I even started to pester my darling with some foolish tricks.   So, I called this water for myself "Ten Lives", and being a persistent fellow started to look for some info about it.   The factory that makes it is located in the middle of nowhere and controlled by Thai princess.   Oh, I forgot to say why I called it Ten Lives - that's because it is made of 10 herbs.  Well, 9 of them known, but there was one that I started to scrutinize and that's what I found: "...Many western scientists and eastern herb experts agree that /// is the most strong-effect medical mushroom in the world.   Its merits are confirmed by the fact, that a price of one kilo of wild /// had been up to 25 000 USD, before it became possible to grow it and start organic production.   Ages ago, only Chinese emperors and the nobility were in a position to receive medical treatment by ///, but now, due to the possibility to produce it organically, even the ordinary people can enjoy benefits of this ancient medicine. 

The team of experts headed by doctor ///, a director of /// medical center is the only one who managed to grow organically a very rare curative ///, that contains 4 times more nucleosides and almost 5 times more active ingredients, than the wild-growing analog.  

One of the useful traits of /// is it's potential for cancer-treating drugs.   More and more doctors from all over the world recommend and use the drugs made of this mushroom as addition to chemical, ray treatment courses and other traditional ways of curing cancer.   Not only /// did produce radical effect on tumor growth .... but also completely destroyed some of their types.  At the same time, this medicine also proved to be a superb cure that can help the immune system and the body on the whole can stay robust and lively while being chemical and ray-treated simultaneously. 

The American Cancer Institution /// has sorted out and ranked many combinations of medical /// mushroom, and also the anti-tumor drugs.   The main anti-tumor and immunity-strengthening polysacharide action in /// and medical mushrooms is employed in the following cases:

1. Tumor prevention by regular usage of mushrooms and medicines made of them.

2. Direct anti-tumor action.

3. Strengthening of immune system when in hospital and in conjunction with chemical treatment.

4. Preventive treatment stopping metastases spread.

So, this is the story!

If anyone had told me this before, I would have never believed it myself!

BUT the Christian cross on my chest does not allow to lie!


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Is it cordyceps???

Yes ! It is . Plus 9 thai magic herbs ! ! !

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