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Centralized location near bars in Udon Thani?

chang beer

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Hi. I was speaking to a pal of mine and he was telling me about his pal who lives there. Completely happy with his life in a nice little quiet community there. I have never been there and frankly getting really sick of Pattaya tourists...if you know what I mean.


Where would I rent a condo or a house near the bars?


Any suggestions will be great.


I have already been to real estate websites there and there are some deals.


thank you 


Chang Beer


Happy mongering


this is after my visits to Cambo and Indo and back to Phils...hehehehe


Keeping my options OPEN

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Best thing you can do is to take a break and go to Udon and have a look around for yourself.  There are so many properties for rent all over the city, you will be spoilt for choice.


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On 12/08/2015 at 02:03, udontony said:

Best thing you can do is to take a break and go to Udon and have a look around for yourself.  There are so many properties for rent all over the city, you will be spoilt for choice.

.....I like LW method, live in UT and make frequent trips to Pattaya when friends arrive.  

....back of my mind, seriously considering spending most of the high season bouncing back and forth between Chang Mai and Udon Thani.....see which I like better, while doing a bit of research on the ground.  I figure spending real time at both places will give me a sense of what I like and dont like.  I too did some reading, but cane to the realization that I actually need to be there to grasp the full extent of both places.  

After +10 years mainly sticking to Pattaya, realizing that I should make my home base somewhere else....I can always make a quick trip down to Pattaya anytime it suits me

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Lots and lots of choices. And plenty of them are never in the Real Estate listings. If you can locate an area you like, my best suggestion would be to take a couple of days to look around on foot in the locales you like and see of there are any rental signs. :-) Like @LOTTELLEE WINNA and @udontony, and several others, I too live in Udon and just do short vacation trips down to Pattaya. That works out much better for me than living in Pattaya did. 

So with the disclaimer that I've never actually looked inside any of those condo/apartments, if I were going to be moving into town alone, I'd be tempted to look at Mill Place Posri. Villa Market is across the street, UD Town and all the shops that has is across the street, there is one big hospital (and Land Transport satellite office) a few block down Posri, and another hospital at the end of the UD Town shops. "Soi Farang" is not far away. A decent gym is not far away. For wanting "Centrally Located" in town, this would be a good place to start. 


Zoom the map out a bit and you can see all the stuff that is nearby. 

This might be another good area as it's close to the big public park in town and there is a Thai market across the street. 



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