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Koh Tao, not completely in the mongering desert, but close...


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I spent some time in Koh Tao and wanted to offer some observations as mid-July 2014.


P4P is not hopeless here, it is just slim pickings.  It will provide something to tide you over till you get back to where you should have been all along.  But Koh Tao does offer diving like nowhere else in the Gulf of Thailand.  Diving is is quite good and extremely cheap.


I can comment on three as follows:


1.  "Friend Bar": Almost across the street from Castle Nightclub on the main road between Mae Hadd and Cholok Baan Kao.  The girls here now number about six to eight. They are often just sitting at a picnic bench there chatting among themselves seeing who will show up..  Unfortunately, only three of them earn a 6.5 on a looks scale to 10,  Depending on what flaws you're willing to overlook, you're probably going to find something to entertain you.  But not a particularly nice setting or place to hang out.  There is also some regular turnover.  Two girls were there for "vacation" and "staying with friends" for a couple of months as they explained to me.  Concealing from their family what they were actually doing there, fucking to get quick cash for themselves.  


 Several of the girls consume quite a bit of alcohol. One I took was pretty shit faced. Buzzed, ok/cute/small and horny, she was quite entertaining to me.  And note: I found that you can actually bring a bottle of cheap whiskey as a gift and the girls will hit it hard, but just don't you drink any of it. Stick to the 80b drinks from the bar.  The rate for girls here is 1500 bht, 300bf, includes use of a short time room that is not so nice if you don't have other options..  There is no real shower and the place where the girls rinse off is horrible.  


If its slow, a couple of the girls actually leave the premise to go off F.L. on their own.  Maybe for 30 minutes to try to pick up customers, say, at Castle Nightclub diagonally across the street.  They also go out via motor scooter to other "parties" toward Sairee Beach and return.  So sometimes there are less than six girls around.  Also, there is a Ladyboy here that seems to telepathically know that you're not interested.  I found that he was the bar tender most of the time and was attentive.  No attitude problem.  Nothing to dwell on.


The mamason of Friend Bar told me that there are four other places in Koh Tao for p4p.  She gave me the names, but I only found two of them. She also said all should be 1500bht.


Sairee Beach had both as follows: 


2.  This place is almost directly across from the LadyBoy venue "The Queens Cabaret", but I don't remember the name.  The bar is quite like all the other party places that surrounds it, yet this one has about six Thai girls plainly available and you won't walk by without seeing it.   And these Thai girls were working it pretty hard and seemed more than just a little frustrated at 11pm.  Saw about five girls, most  above average looking and it was certainly worth some time had I been able. Put this on the "next time" short list as these girls looked like they were going to do everything possible to make you feel like a rock star for coming into the bar.


3.  Another is on  the road that leads up from the main thoroughfare to and from Sairee beach.  (at the 7-11 there is a "T" intersection, head up the road that intersects the main one).  This bar is on the left after about 100m or so.  Didn't like what I saw on two pass-bys.  Again, didn't go in.  The other place above had this hands down.


As for mongering, I'd rank Koh Tao quite low for pickings.  That's not why it there and its not what makes this place tick. You can find something if you look, but nothing remotely like Koh Samui's Green Mango in Chaweng or the numerous bars of Lamai, that are both far down the pecking order in the LOS... But you are not completely out "in the desert" either.  

When you're fucking, its life.  Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.

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The discos are heavily populated with tourists couples and groups of drunk euro and ausy girls.   Nothing predictable happening on that front in the two weeks I was there.  And from what I know now, the FL who show up at a disco probably are probably having a slow night at "Friend Bar" and are out during a break looking around for customers,  I saw them leave and come back on motorbikes they own.


Freelancers are almost non-existent.  I had a few cat calls late at night on my rented motor bike but nothing that made me look twice.


I'd be curious if this was seasonal or others conclude the same.

When you're fucking, its life.  Anything that happens before or after is just waiting.

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went there to do a diving course, years ago

of course it would be very different today,


i remember i found a bar in the middle of nowwhere, dirt floor, about 1.5 kms to the right from the main rd.


took a girl from there who would not stop sucking me off, had to force her off just so i could fck her

and as soon as i stopped she would be down there again


as it was my first trip and only 1 week in Bkk bfing 2 girls

she was my 3rd, i thought this was normal,


sadly not the case


where are you now, bim, pim, pin?


my fav pic from turtle island

up in a tree house, in a hamock, beer in one hand, scoob in the other

over looking the water and sunset


Member since Dec 06.

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