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Brand new media player inc approx 4,000 hours content


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I have a brand new & boxed, surplus to requirements,  Cyclone Primus 2 media player for sale.


It comes with a remote control, batteries, AV cables and a power supply with a UK plug, so you will need an adaptor unless you have universal sockets. I am also including a new, sealed 1.8M HDMI cable.


The media player plays most  video file types. It also processes MP3  and photo files. It has 2 USB input ports and will also accept memory cards. There is one further USB drive for file transfer and the cable is included. The unit also has an optical drive which can be connected to any home cinema system.


The only time this has been out of the box was to fit a 2Tb Seagate sata drive and to populate the disk.


The disk contains approximately 180 non-stop days (4000+ hours) of video content comprising of movies and TV series, which are mostly UK and US based.


I have formatted the drive into movies and TV series' and then further formatted it into categories:- Action, Comedy, Horror  etc. I can't guarantee that the categorisation is 100% accurate because I got pretty bored doing this.


I have included a list of all of the movies and the 1st level of the TV series. If anyone wants the complete list of all the files then please PM me.


This may be of interest to expats or anyone else who really, really likes watching TV. If you download the Thai subtitles from free sites for a few movies then you're all set for a nice cheap evening in with your Thai GF! BTW, this unit also supports imbedded multiple audio tracks if included on the video file so you can switch audio languages whilst simultaneously showing the alternate subtitle.


Manufacturers specs


·         Cyclone Primus V2.0 Full HD Media Player supports many of the most popular 1080p HD video formats currently on the market.

·         Video Codec Support: MPEG-1; MPEG-2; MPEG-4; H.264; XviD; DivX; WMV9 (VC-1); RealVideo - Audio Codec Support: WMA; OGG Vorbis

·         Audio/Video Outputs: HDMI; Composite A/V; SPDIF Coaxial (digital audio); SPDIF Optical TOSLink (digital audio) - Interfaces:USB 2.0; USB HOST; HDMI; SATA HDD

·         Firmware: Upgradable - Media Cards:SD; SDHC; Micro SD; MMC - Power DC: 5V 2A

·         Package Contents: 1 x Enclosure (Does not come with Hard Drive), PSU, Remote, UK Power Lead, Instructions


Price 13,700 baht - please PM me if interested or if you have any question. I can of course demo operation of unit


Content as of 29-06-2014


Movie and TV series 1.51TB, 4388 files


Movies 399GB 325 files in 6 folders


Science Fiction  - 69 files


12 Monkeys (1995).mp4

Android Cop (2014).avi

Back To The Future 1.avi

Back To The Future 2.avi

Back To The Future 3.avi

Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome (2012).mp4

Chronicle (2012).mp4

Cloverfield (2008).mp4

Contact (1997).mkv

Death Race 1 (2008).mp4

Death Race 2 (2010).mp4

Death Race 3 (2013).mp4

District 9 (2009).mp4

Doomsday (2008).mp4

Dredd (2012).mp4

Elysium (2013).mp4

Europa Report (2014).mp4

Goodbye World (2013).avi

Grabbers (2012).mp4

Gravity (2013).mkv

Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters (2013).avi

Ice Age 2 - The Meltdown (2005).avi

Ice Soldiers (2013).avi

In Time (2011).mp4

Independence Day 2 (2014).mp4

Limitless (2011).mp4

Looper (2012).mp4

Love (2011).mp4

Man Of Steel (2013).mp4

Manborg (2011).mp4

Men In Black 2 (2002).avi

Men In Black 3 (2012).mp4

Moon (2009).avi

Next (2007).mp4

Oblivion (2013).mp4

Paul (2011).avi

Pitch Black (2000).mp4

Prometheus (2012).mp4

Red Planet (2000).mp4

Riddick 2013 .mp4

Rise Of The Guardians (2012).mp4

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011).avi

Robocop (2014).avi

Shaun Of The Dead (2004).mp4

Side Effects (2013).mp4

Snowpiercer (2013).avi

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013).mp4

Star Trek-Generations.mkv

Starship Troopers 1  (2007).avi

Starship Troopers 2 - Hero Of The Federation (2004).avi

Starship Troopers 3 (2008).avi

Superman - Man Of Steel (2013).mkv

The Amazing Spider Man (20120.avi

The Butterfly Effect (2004).mkv

The Chronicles Of Riddick.mp4

The Day (2011).mp4

The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008).mp4

The Happening (2008).mp4

The Host (2013).avi

The Human Race (2013).mp4

The Matrix (1999).mp4

The One (2001).mp4

Thor The Dark World 2013 .mp4

Total Recall - Extended - (2012).mp4

Transformers (2007).mp4

U-571 (2000).mp4

Ultraviolet (2006).mp4

Under The Skin (2013).mkv

Zathura - A Space Adventure (2005).mp4


Action - 194 files


300 Rise of an Empire (2014).mp4

47 Ronin (2014).mp4

5 Shells (2012).avi

A Good Day To Die Hard (2013).mp4

After the Dark (2013).avi

Airplane vs Volcano (2014).avi

Along Came A Spider (2001).mp4

Ambushed 2013 .mp4

Assassins 1995 .mp4

Assault On Wall Street (2013).mp4

Bad Country (2014).mp4

Battle Los Angeles (2011).avi

Blade (1998).mkv

Blade 2 (2002).mkv

Blade 3 (2004).mkv

Blitz (2011).mp4

Blood Of Redemption 2013 .mp4

Born To Raise Hell (2010).avi

Bronson (2008).mp4

Bullet (2014).mp4

Bullet To The Head (2012).mp4

Casino Royale (2006).avi

Colombiana 2011 .mp4

Crimson Tide (1995).mp4

Dead Man Down (2013).mp4

Death Race 2 (2010).mp4

Death Race 3 (2013).mp4

Disconnect (2012).mp4

Django Unchained (2012).mp4

Domino (2005).mp4

Driven To Kill (2009).avi

Duplicity (2009).mp4

Eastern Promises (2007).mp4

Eden (2012).mp4

El Gringo (2012).mp4

Empire State (2013).mp4

End Of Watch (2013).mp4

Enders Game (2013).avi

Erased (2012).mp4

Escape Plan 2013 .mp4

Exit Wounds (2001).mp4

Exploding Sun (2013).avi

Extraction (2013).avi

Fargo (1996).mp4

Fast And Furious 6.avi

Filth (2013).mp4

Fire With Fire 2012 .mp4

Flight (2012).mp4

Force Of Execution (2013).mkv

Forced To Fight (2011).mp4

Fractured 2014.mkv

G I Joe Retaliation (2013).mp4

Gangs Of New York 2002 Remastered 2002  .mp4

Get Him To The Greek (2010).mp4

Get Lucky (2013).mp4

Gladiator - extended (2000).mp4

God Bless America (2011).mp4

Good Morning Vietnam (1987).mp4


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1.avi

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2.avi

He Who Dares (2014).avi

Heat (1995).avi

Hirokin (2012).mkv

Hit And Run (2012).mp4

Homefront (2013).mp4

Honour (2014).avi

I, Frankenstein (2014).avi

Ice Age Continental Drift (2012).mp4

Inglourious Bastards (2009).mp4

Iron Man 3 (2013).avi

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit (2014).mp4

Kidulthood (2006).avi

Kill 'em All 2012 .mp4

Kill Bill Volume 1.avi

Kill Bill Volume 2.avi

Killers (2012).mp4

Killing Them Softly 2012 .mp4

Knocked Up (2007).avi

Last Passenger (2013).mp4

Lawless (2012).mp4

Life Of Pi (2012).mp4

Lincoln (2012).mp4


Lone Survivor (2013).mp4

Machete Kills (2013).mp4

Margin .avi

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011).avi

Morning Glory 2010 .mp4

Mud 2012 .mp4

Munich 2005.avi

New Jack City 1991 .mp4

Non Stop (2014).mp4

Not Safe For Work (2014).avi

Now You See Me (2013).mp4

Ocean's 12 (2004).avi

Olympus Has Fallen (2013).mp4

Once Upon A Time In Mexico 2003 .mp4

Once Upon A Time In The West (1968).mp4

Outpost 11 (2012).avi

Parker (2013).mp4

Pawn (2013)Gaz.mp4

Pompeii (2014).mp4

Prisoners (2013).mp4

Project X (2012).avi

Punisher - War Zone (2008).avi

Race To Witch Mountain (2009).mp4

Reacher (2012).mp4

Red 2 2013 .mp4

Red Dawn (1984).mp4

Reservoir Dogs (1992).avi

Ride Along (2014).mp4

Runner Runner 2013 .mp4

Rush (2013).mp4

Rush Hour 1.avi

Rush Hour 2.avi

Rush Hour 3.avi

Scent Of A Woman 1992 .mp4

Seven Psychopaths (2012).mp4

Shadow Dancer 2012  .mp4

Shall We Dance 2004  .mp4

Shanghai Nights (2003).mp4

Skyfall (2012).mp4

Slipstream (2005).mp4

Snatch (2000).mkv

So Undercover 2012  .mp4

Sound Of My Voice (2012).avi

Sparks (2013).mp4

Stranger Than Fiction (2006).mp4

Sunshine (2007).mp4

Sweeny Todd - The Demon Barber Of Fleet Stree (2007).avi

Swordfish (2001).mp4

Taken 1 (2008).avi

Taken 2 (2012).mp4

Tarzan (2013).mp4

Ted (2012).mp4

The 6th.Day (2000).mp4

The Avengers (2012).mp4

The Bling Ring (2013).mp4

The Bourne Identity (2002).avi

The Bourne Legacy (2012).mp4

The Bourne Supremacy (2004).avi

The Bourne Ultimatum (2007).avi

The Butler 2013 .mp4

The Colony (2013).avi

The Counselor 2013 .mp4

The Cure (2014).mp4

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (2008).avi

The Dark Knight Rises (2012).mp4

The Departed (2006).avi

The East (2013).mp4

The Expendables 1.avi

The Expendables 2 (2012).mp4

The Expendables 3 (2012).mp4

The First Time 2012 .mp4

The Grand Budapest hotel (2014).mp4

The Heat 2013 .mp4

The Hunger Games (2012).avi

The Keeper (2009).avi

The Kingdom (2007).mp4

The Last Of The Mohicans.mp4

The Liability 2012 .mp4

The Lone Ranger 2013 .mp4

The Look Of Love (2013).mp4

The Machine (2013).mp4

The Man From Nowhere (2010).mp4

The Man With The Iron Fists (2012).mkv

The Mechanic (2011).avi

The Outsider (2014).mp4

The Patrol (2013).avi

The Place Beyond The Pines 2012 .mp4

The Presidio 1988 .mp4

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013).mp4

The Sweeney (2012).mp4

The Usual Suspects (1995).avi

The Watch (2012).mp4

There Will Be Blood (2004).mkv

Tokarev (2014).avi

Tombstone (1993).mp4

Tomorrow When The War Began (2010).mp4

Traffic (2000).mp4

Training Day (2001).avi

Traitor (2008).mp4

Travelling Salesman (2012).avi

U Turn.avi

Under Siege (1992).mp4

Under Siege 2 - Dark Territory - (1995).mp4

Vendetta (2013).mp4

Wall Street Money Never Sleeps 2010  .mp4

Watchmen (2009).avi

Welcome To The Punch (2013).mp4

What Dreams May Come 1998 .mp4

White House Down 2013 .mp4

Zero Dark Thirty (2012).mp4


Crime - 21 files


21 Grams (2003).mp4

21 Jump Street (2012).avi

A Man Apart (2003).mp4

A Time To Kill (2003).mp4

All Things To All Men 2013 .mp4

Blow (2001).mp4

Compliance (2012).mp4

Deadfall (2012).mp4

Gangster No 1 (2000).avi

Ill Manors (2012).mp4

Killing Them Softly (2012).mp4

Layer Cake (2004).avi

Millers Crossing (1990).mp4

Officer Down (2013).mp4

Payback (1999).mp4

Perfume - The Story Of A Murderer (2006).avi

Pressed (2011).mp4

Road To Perdition (2002).mp4

Street Kings (2008).mp4

The American (2010).mp4

United 93 (2006).mp4


Drama - 11 files


12 Years A Slave (2013).avi

Adore (2013).mp4

Adulthood (2008).avi

Big Sur (2013).avi

Captain Phillips (2013).mp4

Chocolat (2000).mp4

Compulsion (2013).mp4

Dirty Dancing (1987).mp4

Harry Brown 2009 .mp4

Sherlock Holmes (2009).mp4

Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadows.avi


Comedy - 22 files


Anchorman The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004).mp4

Austin Powers - Goldmember (2002).mp4

Blades Of Glory (2007).avi

Dogma (1999).mp4

Here Comes The Boom (2012).mp4

Hot Fuzz (2007).mp4

Idiocracy (2006).mp4

Knocked Up (2007).avi

Macgruber (2010).mp4

Mr Bean (2007).mp4

Pineapple Express (2008).mp4

Romper Stomper (1992).mp4

Run Fatboy Run (2007).mkv

Scary Movie 4 (2005).avi

Ted (2012).mp4

The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2012.avi

The Dictator (2012).mp4

The Inbetweener Movie 2011.avi

The Parole Officer (2001).avi

The Worlds End (2013).avi

Wreck It Ralph (2012).mp4

Your Highness (2011).avi


Thriller - 8 files


13 Sins (2014).mp4

Afflicted (2013).avi

Against The Dark (2009).avi

Angels & Demons (2009).avi

Black Rock 2012 .mp4

Confine (2013).avi

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996).mp4

World War Z (2013).mp4


TV Series - 1.12TB 3,538 files in 386 folders


Comedy - 13 files


A Touch Of Cloth

Bad Education

Big School

Dead Boss

Father Ted

Fresh Meat

Him & Her


Lead Balloon (Russian & English)


The Armstrong and Miller Show

The League Of Gentlemen

The Thin Blue Line


Crime - 7 files



Jonathan Creek

Law & Order Uk

New Tricks

Ripper Street

Waking The Dead



Drama / Action - 100 files



Alpha House






Blood And Oil

Boardwalk Empire

Bostons Finest

Breaking Bad

Breaking In

Brooklyn Nine Nine



Chicago PD

Common Law




Death In Paradise


Downton Abbey


Duck Dynasty







Foyles War

Game Of Thrones



Greys Anatomy


Hell On Wheels




House Of Cards

House Of Lies

Human Target




Inside Men


Jungle Gold


Killer Women

King And Maxwell

Line Of Duty



Mad Dogs

Magic City


Mob City

Mr Sloane

Orange Is The New Black


Person Of Interest

Prison Break






Serangoon Road

Sherlock Holmes BBC

Silent Witness

Sons Of Anarchy


Strike Back


The Americans

The Assets

The Best Laid Plans

The Blacklist

The Borgias

The Bridge U.S

The Case

The Chicago Code

The Event

The Fall

The Finder

The Following

The Shadow Line

The Syndicate

The Thick Of It

The White Queen

True Detective


Underbelly Squizzy




White Collar


Reality - 8 Files


Alaska The Last Frontier

Benefits Britain - Life on the Dole

Benefits Street

Gold Rush

Gold Rush Alaska

Ice Road Truckers

Major Crimes



Sci Fi - 7 Files


Almost Human





Marvel Agents Of Shield

Star Trek Enterprise

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I bet you got bored as well putting all those titles in this post ... 555 . 

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Apologies, but this does not render properly via tapatalk.


One error in the listing, Independence Day 2 should just read Independence Day. 

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