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Matt Carrell

If you're a fan of Premier League football or just like a good book

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Matt Carrell

My Thai based books have been well received on the forum - this one is a bit different.


A Matter of Life and Death

    In April 1981, ex-Liverpool manager Bill Shankly was interviewed by Shelley Rodhe on Granada TV. Alongside him in the studio was former Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Shankly told the audience, “Somebody said: 'Football's a matter of life and death to you.’ I said, 'Listen it's more important than that.’” Coldharbour Town has climbed from the lower divisions of English football, finally reaching the Premier League under the careful stewardship of local businessman, Jack Enright. After just one season, it’s clear that even survival will require more cash than Enright is willing, or able to commit. Russian billionaire, Dimitri Koloschenko sees ownership of a football club as a means of establishing himself in the London social scene. Within weeks of buying a reluctant Enright out, his commitment is tested by the realities of owning a struggling football club.

    As Coldharbour Town fights to retain its place in the top flight, a clinical killer starts to terrorise the community. Maggie Davenport leads a police investigation that appears to flounder at every turn, the local paper; under editor Toby Thomas, revels in the story of Britain’s latest serial killer and Adam Buckley is dubbed Coldharbour’s saviour and the “new Gareth Bale.” In a town that appears to be in terminal decline, the priority should be to catch a murderer. It is after all, a matter of life and death. But some things are more important than that.


These are the links for the UK site, but it's available on all Amazon stores

Paperback is here

ebook is here


I hope you will take a look





covereven smaller.jpg

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Matt Carrell

The books going well on Amazon and getting great reviews. If you love football - i hope you'll check it out.

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