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Hong Kong woman who cried rape goes to Jail


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Had this happen to a friend in the UK and it ruined his life he lost his wife and job. He shagged a girl out the back of a nightclub where he was a DJ and then ate food with her and all her friends she went home and cried rape to her boyfriend. It went to court and he was found innocent within 10 mins by every jury member. Even the head police officer for the case said sorry to my friend for it going to court as it should never have happened. Guess what happened to the girl.......NOTHING AT ALL. He lost everything and had to leave the town as he was branded a rapist before it even went to court. Any woman who does this should get locked up for the same lenght of time as the man would have been.



Irene So, the Hong Kong woman who made a false accusation of gang rape in Thailand, has been sentenced to jail time.


What started as a drunken holiday prank has ended up costing Irene So 18 months in a Thai prison.


The Hong Kong woman was yesterday jailed after admitting she lied about being gang-raped in Bangkok on June 3.


So, 29, claimed she was sexually assaulted by the driver of a three-wheeled tuk-tuk taxi and three other men near the parliament building.


But her story fell apart after a medical examination showed no signs of rape and the driver, Thongbai Pee Umahia, produced an alibi.


Thongbai is now a free man and all charges against him have been dropped. He said he would sue So for damaging his reputation.


So's original sentence of three years was halved after she pleaded guilty to three charges - defamation, giving a false statement to police and falsely accusing others of criminal offences.


Chief prosecutor Chaidit Pronchaiya said police had firm evidence there was no rape. Police also had eye-witnesses who saw So with Thongbai near the alleged crime scene and who had noticed nothing unusual, Chaidit said in a Bangkok court.


But she has more to deal with yet.


Thai police have said they will sue her for 10 million baht (HK$1.88 million).


Last Tuesday, Police Chief General Sant Sarutanond said So's false complaint had destroyed the reputation of Thailand's police and incurred costs for the investigation''.


I start losing sympathy at this point. She made a false accusation of rape at the Tuk Tuk driver and should he choose to sue, which he says he will, then that would be fair.


But this in no way affected Thailand’s reputation. In fact, if anything, the speed with which many in Thailand came to her aid when they believed this was true enhanced Thailand’s reputation.


Just because she is a foreigner does not put her in some special category. For example, those of us with an interest are all reading about the increase in violence in schools and the number of students caught with guns and knives on campus grounds. I don’t see the Thai government suing them for ruining the country’s reputation even though stories like these are likely to have much more of an impact on outside opinion than that of a rape case.

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I'd like to know how they intend on collecting the 10m baht when they win, you know they will win. She'll probably have to go to work on her back to pay it. :Flying:

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its an old thread but i,m curious SOS did your friend sue the girl ?

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its an old thread but i,m curious SOS did your friend sue the girl ?



Yea, you probably could get her on slander or libel or something like that. I don't see why she wasn't charged with fraud.

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