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Thai man killed and English House Owner injured following house robbery.


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A Thai Man was killed following a house robbery on Monday Afternoon. Police Lieutenant Colonel Tanadaert from Banglamung Police Station was initially called to a house in Nongprue owned by Mr. John Jones aged 48 from England. According to his Thai Wife, Khun Nigorn aged 25 who is heavily pregnant, the pair had returned from a Hospital Appointment to find that three men were inside their house apparently in the process of stealing items. Mr. Jones confronted the three men who proceeded to attack him with an axe. He decided to run away but continued to monitor the movements of the three men who left his house moments later with a bag containing 45,000 Baht in cash and personal documents. Although badly injured, Mr. Jones followed the three men as they left the house on their motorbike. Mr. Jones who was driving a Toyota Vigo pick-up caught up with them and hit their bike at a high rate of speed. One of the men was thrown from the bike and later died in Hospital, the other two men managed to escape with the bag of money. It is unclear at this time how the Police will proceed with this case, however it is likely Mr. Jones will have to go to court to explain the case to a Judge due to the fatality.


for story and pictures.


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Holy shit, wow.


Different ways of looking at this one.


1. I know how the law may look at it, but shit - way to go.


2. If you are supporting a pregnant wife you protect her with your life. But, if the threat is leaving and you jeopardize yourself after the fact is that really in her(and the kids) best interest?


I would like to see how this develops. I hope things work out for him. And fuck those slimey bastards who fucked his life up.

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If he gets of they will cum back and kill him ,time to go

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As i said on another forum, the man should be awarded a medal, doubt that will happen though, he will probably get robbed by the police now ?



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good on him an engish man will protect his family and castle i hope all goes ok for him and his injurys arnt that seriuos and the law in thailand sees things that way and dont end up being charged with anything som nom na i beleive

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Its ashame he didnt hit them all. Would have made Pattaya a better place, good luck to him and I hope he can afford to move house asap.

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