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Shanks wants to learn to box.


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So, I'm young, 18 years old, a little over six feet tall, and I'm a pretty hefty guy. I've wanted to learn to box for a while, but my town doesn't really have a YMCA or anything cool like that, but after I get some income and a mode of transportation I plan to start learning to box.


The only problem is, I don't know how to really go about it. See, I want to be able to well, fight. But I figure since there's all sorts of fake forms of karate that teach ballet moves instead of anything that could do some damage. I like the sporting aspect of it too, but it'd be really embarassing to spend all sorts of time and effort learning to box and then finding out I learned wrong.


Seeing as you guys are the coolest, I thought I'd ask if anyone knew any websites or something on how to inspect boxing lessons and make sure they're the real deal? Maybe some good advice for beginners?

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Where abouts are you?

Here in the UK theres lots of Boxing academys mostly on an evening run from the local youth clubs.

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It makes it hard to advise someone to you ,when you don't even state which country, town you live in, but most training centres will allow you to try out first , if your new it would be hard to judge by just looking, some places will just use you for cannon fodder, and if you survive well their thinking is they just might have some potential ( not a good way to be trained).

but you shouldn't knock other styles , remember it is the fight in the dog not the dog in the fight.some of the best all round fighters incorporate a mixed martial arts style ie the best of a few styles mainly ju jitsu ,a boxer out of the boxing ring that never had any other skills would not last 10 seconds against a top fighter in this form. Just go to your video store and hire some mma cage fighting videos, but try as many styles as you can before you judge I 've trained with some good boxers and some equally good karate , martial arts people .

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I live in the Californian Valley. I don't think I need a suggestion of where to go, but maybe some helpful hints, like how to prepare or whatever. Any ideas?

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First off, if your a hefty guy, I.E. not in the greatest shape, before you even start considering training for any kind of fighting, you need to work on your conditioning. That is the first thing they will focus on before you ever really get in the ring, if your considering doing more then sparring. Even if you are in shape, work on your conditioning, that part of the training to me was more brutal than any kind of fighting itself. If you walk into a gym fully conditioned and prepared for whatever comes next, then you will be able to learn how to fight. If you want some rinky-dink lessons, so that you can say you know how to box a little, then no worries. If you want to really learn how to fight, then get yourself prepared mentally for the strain your gonna put on your body. Lastly, don't expect that your going to walk into a gym and become a pro-ranked fighter. If you look at the number of people in the world that box at Gyms, as opposed to the people that are fairly good, its quite a low percentage that ever achieve that kind of skill level. Part of it is natural talent, part of it is in the training. Some people just aren't meant to be any good, regardless of the amount of training they receive. At very worst, expect that you will walk away from this knowing how to handle yourself a little better.

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at a very basic level you need to build on stamina and speed , which involve skipping, running , bag workouts (heavybag,speed ball, floor to ceiling, all build on different aspects of your ability, most boxers spend a lot of there time putting combinations together then shadow boxing until combinations are second nature, in boxing being able to hit hard is ok but don't trade off speed, speed is one of the most important thing,but at the point of being contrary you do need to have technique, that just about covers dishing it out. but no matter how good you are you are going to get hit so you need to do time in the ring, and then after just sparring comes the real thing a world away from training . hope I have helped but if you are serrious dont shortcut your training routine and get a good trainer, if your not happy with one go to another. PS I know of some top boxers that run 16 to 20 km a day

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I've boxed amateur matches for almost 3 years. I was in terrible shape although not overweight and got myself in supreme condition in no time.

If you wish to train yourself before even hitting the gym I'd suggest you have a look at this site:




he has lots of good info on training as well as nutrition. If you have any Qs about the sport itself just PM me and I'll be glad to help you



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im a boxing coach at a boxing club so wat i think is best is go 2 aba boxing website where they have a club finder service put in ur post code and a list of clubs in ur area will come up if u wanna get fit qiucker start running asap as this will get u fit and lose u weight plus stop drinking if ur serious about boxing

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Fake forms of karate? LOL. Discipline son, thats what martial arts teaches. Discipline son, probably THE MOST important aspect of boxing.

I don't buy out the bar, I buy the nightspot.

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Boxing is great... what I would suggest is calling a few boxing Gyms and looking for a personal coach. I've found that they run anywhere between 20 bucks an hour to 40 or 50. They can put you through a routine, determined by your health, stamina and general fitness level. That's probably the best way to go, you start boxing from day one, and you start getting into shape... I would also suggest, because you live in California, the home center for Martial Arts in the US... that you check out some Martial Art schools that you find interesting. My personal recommendation is to check out Guru Dan Inosanto's Academy. He's Bruce Lee's top student, and the keeper of Bruce's Martial art lineage... from his academy you can also train in Muay Thai kick boxing... Philipino Stick fighting called Kali or Escrima... (www.inosanto.com).


And fear not, Inosanto doesn't teach bullshit karate... he follows Bruce Lee's philosophy, to absorb what is useful, and discard the rest. Oh, and they teach boxing there as well...


i hope that helps, good luck... and don't forget there are great training camps in Thailand for boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing... like Tiger Muay Thai http://www.tigermuaythai.com/

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