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Own a business ? want better online reviews?

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What people say about the quality of your business online can make you a ton of money or help your competitors get rich.


Reviewbalance.com is the first free online tool that helps business owner prevent repair and manage their online reviews


Reviewbalance sets up systems adding any type of business in harvesting positive reviews from their customers through both online and offline methods.


In a nut shell we help a businesses’ happy customers find their online review sites


We make it easy for happy customers to share with the world and unhappy customers to share feedback directly to the owner.

In today’s transparent world


“Happy customers tell 3 people, unhappy customers tell 4,000”

The fact of the matter is most people leave online reviews out of rage and frustration with the business.

This phenomenon causes many great companies to have an unbalanced online presence.


Here how reviewbalance helped Steve a restaurant owner

Steve joined reviewbalance and easily created a “review me” page on the site

This page quickly survey‘s Steve’s customers when they visit the site by asking them a simple question

Did you have a good or bad experience at Steve’s restaurant?


After clicking on a great experience the reviewer is taken to a page that menu’s all the popular review sites along with some industry specific site for restaurants.

In the case of a bad review we connect the unhappy customer with a feedback form that once completed gets emailed only to Steve and appears nowhere else. The unhappy customer gets to vent and Steve learns about a problem with his business.  Another tool that reviewbalance offers in this situation is the ability to send a service recovery coupon, if the unhappy customer agrees to receive it.

Reviewbalace ‘s dashboard helped enable Steve to monitor all his review sites from one page  making it easy to keep track of his online reviews.

The dashboard also enabled Steve to create and customize a “review me “ card that has the link a qr code of  his review me page.


Steve can also ask his customers to visit his website where they can find his reviewbalance widget, that will click through to his review me page.

And the most effective way to encourage feedback is to email the link to his customer list .in the forum section of reviewbalance our community has examples of successful emails  that business owners share with each other.

As online customer engagement continues to grow –so do the problems of orm

It’s all about who you trust


Reviewbalance builds trust between a business and their potential customers


the site is free for now and will always have a free version but will also have a paid version for $20 per month 


I'm happy to offer discounts to any forum members that want to use the service for their own business or sell the service to other business owners

even though the site is free there is work to set up the system I suggest people who want to resell the service charge $195 to set up and then I'm willing to split the monthly earnings $10 for you $10 for me.

any questions ask away -











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