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# and * codes for Thai ph services

im fine and you

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Here it a list of all the codes and some web site for


AIS 123 Call True Move Dtac happy


DTAC Happy


Adding  *9 returns English language. So *101# would give a Thai message. *101*9# would be in English.
Check your remaining balance – Press: *101*9# send or *101# send
Check your GPRS/EDGE/3G credit – Press: *101*4*9# send
Check your SMS credit – Press: *101*2*9# send
Find out your phone number – Press: *102*9# send
Check your Promotion – Press: *103*9# send – Switch plans IVR: Press *1003 send
Current and last month’s usage – Press *108*9# send
Emergency refill service – Press *110*9# send
Wrong number Refund service – Keypress:*111*9# send – IVR:*1011
Emergency Call Me Back – Press: *114*10_digits_number_you_want_contact*9# send – IVR:*1490
Turn on IR (International Roaming):Press: *118*9#send or *1018 send
Check the price of a call to any country – Press: 004 international_number_to_call send
Send money from PostPaid to a prepaid Happy phone – IVR: *1411Press : *141*happy_number*amount# send Amounts: 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500
Live Thai to English translation service: IVR: *1021 send
Check remaining balance of your internet package – *101*4*9# send

AIS 12Call


*120 KeyPress:*120*_Top-up-code_# send – Add Credit – IVR
*139*3# send – Check your remaining data plan balance
*121 send or Press: *121#send – Check your remaining balance
*121*1# send – Check your bonus balance.
*125 or Press *125*1# send – Turn on International Roaming
*545# send – Get your own phone number
*139# send – Check remaining SMS/GPRS/WiFi balance
*777 send – Change Promotion
*700 send – Balance and validity transfer, language change and call me back service
*120 send Call: 900120 send – Activate new SIM
*292* 12call number *amount # send (20,50,100,200,300,500)–Transfer credit from Post Paid to 12Call
*140 send or *140*1* 12call number*amount# send (10,20,50,100)–Transfer credit to another user
*500*9# send – Add 30 days validity for 30 THB on Mao Mao package

AIS 1-2-Call International Calling with 005 and 00500 (cheaper)


Dial 005 or 00500 before the number to use these rates from AIN Globelines service. Example: AUSTRALIA Dial 00500 > 61 14 XXXXXXX = 7 Baht / Min. All keypress codes free.
Check “00500″ call rate to another country – Press *005*0*country code#send
Check “500″ call rate to another country – Press: *500*1*country code#send
Return address and phone number of the countries embassy – Press: *500*2*country code#send
Check the cost of your most recent 005 international call – Press: *500*3#send
Check current time in countries time zone – Press: *500*3*country code#send

True Move Keypress Codes


Refill your credit – Press: *123*top up number#send
Balance check – Press: #123#send
Show your number – Press: *833#send or 99send
Extend Validity – Call: *9344send (3 baht per call)
Check promotion – Press: *835#send
Switch Promotion – Call: 9305send
Change Language – Call: 9304send
TrueMove Care – Call: 1331send (3 baht per call) or +66-8-9100-1331
Activate new SIM card: 9302sendor #110#send
Low cost call: 00600+Country Code+Area Code+Destination Numbersend
First call: 006+Country Code+Area Code+Destination Numbersend
Get free wifi: Text “wifi” to 9433 send (username and pass will be sent via sms)
Buy WiFi for one day: Text “1day” to 9434send
Sign up of WiFi / EDGE / GPRS / 3G: *9000send
Change Language: 9304send
Activate GPRS: 9779send



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Do you happen to know the number to dial from a payphone when calling a mobile phone. I have used it before, but forgot the code in my old age, lol! If you call a mobile phone from a payphone without this code, it cost much more, but with the code very cheap. If I remember right, it was something like *1234 or something like that. Last time I tried to use it I dialed incorrect, so did not work.

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just dial the number 

 mobile number is like  081 8835626

from outside Thailand u add +66 and drop the 0

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*222*number              for call me back (collect call) AIS  1 2 CALL

that's how the girls call your number  for free on your credit  ..... :GoldenSmile1:

   Non native English writing poster, not using a spell checker !! 

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Great info from a very helpful website.

My Youtube Channel about everything Thailand - TravInThailand

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Brilliant, thanks.

<p><span style="font-size:18px;"><span style="font-family:'Brush Script MT';">Never Say Never</span></span></p><div><p><span style="font-size:12px;"> </span></p><p><span style="font-size:12px;"><span style="font-family:Arial, 'sans-serif';">about 20 trips to LOS, next trip in Dec-15...</span></span></p><p> </p><p><span style="font-size:12px;"><span style="font-family:Arial, 'sans-serif';">

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