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Tablet Computer Storage?


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Can somebody tell me-


I have a Netbook- 160 GB HDD


Lots have more, and you can plug an external HDD, e.g. up to 1 TB, in.


But these "new" Tablets- Galaxy, whatever- have far less, e.g. 26 GB.


How can people use these things when the amount of storage is, comparatively speaking, so much less?


Same with IPods- I spoke to someone who had one, she said it had 8 GB storage. These days, what can you do with 8 GB??


My Netbook is more than 2 years old now, and I'm going to have to make a decision sometime soon about what to buy next. I like the compactness of the IPods and Tablets, because I spend a lot of time on the road, but the storage limit concerns me...



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Tablets are portable devices, compact and good battery life not mass storage units. Load up what you need for your trip watch/listen and delete. I have a netbook and tbh it is just a smaller version of a pc/laptop and unless its brand new and top of the range the battery life is useless to use as a portable device but a great substitute as a travel size computer.

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Most have access to cloud storage.

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I have an Acer A500 Iconia 10" tablet


The reasons over a netbook?




Much better battery like (8 hours)

HDMI output to TV for movies and recording

Dual cameras for Skype

Can add MicroSD (at the moment upto 32 Gb to expand onboard memory)

Can plug in USB devices (MASSIVE plus over Ipads), will except other Micros SD cards and external HDDs (I recently used an external 1Tb hard disk as well)

Can remote to work computers via Citrix if need be

I can write my own Apps for it

Can use wireless and 3G/HSPA on it (I usually tether to my phone)


By the way those MicroSD cards also are interchangeable in my cameras and phones do not a wasted cost


I do still own and use a laptop but use less and less when travelling


I don't find cloud storage a must at all. I cope very well without it, I own 20+ websites so can upload anything I like to them if need be, and also I don't trust the security of them (especially if they are located in the US, their privacy laws less strict than ours)

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