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Hotel Joiner Fee's Do you Pay Them and Why and Where?


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I am sure this topic has been discussed but I didn't find one specific thread on the subject other than one from 2007.

I know many of you are saying why bother when there are so many other hotels but there can be reasons.


For example I travel extensively and have for 30 years for both business and pleasure so I earn a lot of hotel loyalty points and am a Very Frequent Long Time Poster on FlyerTalk.com so this is related to using some of those points in my case.


So for Pattaya if I want to redeem Priority Club points and stay at the Holiday Inn (i know not best choice) with points or the Marriott off Beach Road I need to know which ones have joiner fees and how much those are and are they per girl per time or do those places only let you bring in one girl.


Yes I have read Agoda and many other sites as well as reviews and some of the reviews say:

LK Empress has Joiner Fee to bring back guests -- How much, terms such as per girl and limits on number of girls??

LK Renaissance or Metropole have no Joiner fee right?? Metropole is recommended by regulars I know on Philippine Addicts so I doubt they do at Metropole so I am hoping Renaissance doesn't either and the link below says they don't

Don't really care about Empress not my kind of place most interested to know about Holiday Inn and if they do have joiner fee??


I did research this but want opinions from you all here. I looked at these sites




Any info on fees and ALL info on Holiday Inn appreciated. PS I take over 100 pics even on short trips so I am more than willing to share in fact I love to post them it is my therapy LOL

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If you book via Agoda there is an auto booking for two people.


However there have been incidences of hotels not respecting this fact. When we hear about this we report to Agoda who contact the hotels.


However, it is almost always "rogue" or "ill informed" reception staff who are responsible not Agoda or the hotel itself. Unfortunately we are usually informed AFTER the member has gone back home, by which time there is little Agoda can do except talk to the hotel management/


If you book online. but NOT via Agoda - make sure you book double OCCUPANCY - this is NOT the same as booking a double ROOM.



As far as I am aware NONE of the LK hotels have a joiner fee policy, providing it is just the 2nd occupant i.e. one girl. If people are experiencing joiner fees at the Empress it is likely to be rogue staff again.

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