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Strange happenings at Le Katai

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In the past, I have always found Le Katai an OK budget eating place.


The hotel + bar is run by one guy, the (old) restarant is run by another.

Apparently, the 2 guys have fallen out - hence the (old) above.


The bar will no longer provide beers etc to the old restaurant.

You have to fetch your own, or buy at the 711.

The old restaurant also seems to have had its cable cut off - the screens are blank.


Meanwhile the bar is setting up its own restaurant.

So there are now two competing "Le katai" restarants!

Seems like madness to me - both businesses appear to be suffering.

The hotel + bar has lost a lot of golf club storage space, due to new kitchens etc.


Why can't people be nice and concentrate on making some money?

That's hard enough in Pattaya anyway.

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IMO the new owner of the (old) restaurant must change the name.


I am sure if both run under the same name bad press will affect both.


Regardless of were the fault lays.

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I didn't mind the food there.

The smaller part had a really cute girl working there also.

Shame to hear they are splitting.

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When it's about money people start acting strange .

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Ate at the old one the other day pork chop full of fat and mashed potatoes had the strangest tast ever achhhhhhhhh

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I spent about 3 years building up the restaurant business at Le Katai but last October I sold that operation to Tim with the permission of the hotel / bar operator who holds the master lease, we sub leased the ground floor only, it was a "successful & profitable business" and many BM's will know the place and may have eaten there, I have moved on to new businesses in China thus the reason I sold up, I am even considering offers on my other businesses in Pattaya which are solely owned by me.


Since January there has been a few issues between the two parties operating A) the restaurant B) the hotel & bar, Tim is a really nice guy trying his best to make the restaurant run smoothly as before but everyone knows having "partners" is never easy.... Tim signed a new lease back in October so I hope they can both bury their differences for the sake of the entire business. Together they will succeed, divided ....

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Thanks for the more detailed info, Jolly Friar.

Maybe Tim or Danny would like to comment??

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Had the breakfast at the right-hand Le-Katai (the 'old' one ?) recently, It wasn't very busy but they still took over-10-minutes to bring me a menu, then 15-minutes-more to deliver the basic 99-Baht breakfast, which was fine except that I had ordered the 119-Baht one with-extra bacon/sausage.


They also took my order for coffee, then asked 15-minutes later, did I want tea or coffee ??? If they had just served it immediately, when ordered, there would have been less chance to forget it, and I'd have had something to drink while I waited for my food.


Clearly things are NOT running smoothly at-present.


But I was impressed to see a few copies of the (more-expensive) fax-editions of a UK-newspaper available.


I may give them another chance, next time I'm in-town.

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