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iphone4s unlocking or jail break


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I have a friend who wants to give me his iphone4s to unlock while I am in Thailand. Not being terribly tech minded what is the difference between unlocking and jail breaking ? Also I did read somewhere that once you have your iphone4s unlocked it will then lock itself into the first provider that you use. Not sure if this is true ? If it is, then there doesn't seem a lot of point in getting it unlocked in Thailand and then it locks into a Thai sim ?? Any help appreciated

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I have just been told the phone is an iphone4 and not 4s . Not sure if this makes a difference

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Unlocking is when you open up the phone to allow other networks sim cards to work in it.


Jail breaking is when you change the software so that you can install copied/third party apps.


Contact the network it was on, they will probably unlock it for you allowing you to use a Thai sim card in the phone.

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In MY case I am with Vodaphone in Australia

When I searched there site to UNLOCK my phone (so I can use a THAI SIM)

it was realy simple..

So If unlocking is your goal (so you can use other providers sims) looks like you just need to restore the iphone with Itunes


But if you want it Jailbroken (to be able to use unoffical software and Apps that Apple dont want you to use then I'd suggest

tukcom in Pattaya (never been there buts lots of info in these forums about them)




Heres the instructions to unlock it as per Vodaphone Australia , id post the link but you need to input the IMEI code first and I guess

it also needs to be a vodafone handset. Anyway might work, worst it will do is Restore your phone.. It worked for me anyway



Before you can unlock your iPhone, make sure that you have done the following:


- Your computer is connected to the Internet


- You have iTunes version 7.7 or later in your computer



1. Insert your Vodafone SIM card and turn on the iPhone.


2. Open the iTunes program and connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable.


3. Wait until your iPhone appears in the
and select your iPhone.


4. Open the
tab and make sure you can see the information about your iPhone.


5. In the summary screen, click the


6. If prompted to back up your iPhone. Make sure that you select or click the
Back Up


If you do not back up your iPhone, all your saved media and other data will be erased and you may not be able to recover it.


7. A confirmation window will appear to restore your iPhone. Make sure that you select or click the Restore and Update button to continue.


8. Read the
“Important Information”
displayed on the screen as this will describe to you the improvements included in the software update version. Click the
button to continue.


9. You will be prompted to read and agree with the “
Software License Agreement
”. Click
button to continue.


10. Wait until the process is completed. Do not interrupt your computer or disconnect the iPhone from the USB cable. You will notice that the software will be downloaded by your computer from the iTunes store. A progress message will be displayed during the entire process.


: This process may take awhile. Depending on your internet connection and the software update file, this process can take at least 30 minutes.


11. Once your iPhone has been restored, the iPhone will automatically restart. Do not disconnect your iPhone. Leave it until it re-appears in iTunes.

12. Your iPhone will automatically connect to iTunes store and will be activated and unlocked.


13. You should now be able to use your iPhone with other operator’s SIM card.




Question 1: My phone asks to enter a PIN number


Answer: Make sure that you have entered the SIM PIN before activating or restoring your iPhone


Question 2: My handset displays a different message than what is shown in this procedure.


Answer: Depending on your computer’s operating system, the procedure steps and messages may slighty differ from what is described in this procedure. Just follow the online screen messages to continue the process.


Question 3: An error message appears saying “We could not complete your iTunes store request due to an unknown error…” and the device requires to be connected to iTunes.


Answer: A connection error to the iTunes store may have occurred. Disconnect the iPhone from the USB connector and reconnect it again. This will start another request to iTunes store for activation and unlocking.




Question 4: My handset does not release from the Vodafone Network.


It may take up to
48 hours
for your device to release from the Apple Database. Please attempt the above process again after this period. Should you continue to experience difficulties following this period, please email handsetunlocking.difficulties @vodafone.com advising the exact error or issue displayed for escalation to Apple.

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Thanks for your help. It now seems that the guy wants it jail broken, so I will just pop along to Tukcom when I am there,

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In addition to what he said above, make sure you're using the latest version of iTunes.




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thanks for the info sam, i have a iphone 4 locked to vodafone, so i will try it out. cheers.

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