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To email credit card detail,s for booking?


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Hello lad,s

I have decided(at last) to stay at the Sandy Spring,s soi13 for my stay in Pattaya

I loged on to there website and emailed my booking detail,s ie arrival date lenght of stay

departure date,

They emailed me back to say I should send them on my credit card details (number and expirary date)

Is it safe to email my credit card details to them

Thank,s for all your help

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Strange... i wouldn't if i were you.... Maybe somebody here know better or have been in your hotel before...

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Emailing credit card details is always a no-no! If Pushed you could call them and give it over the phone, but nothing in writing and certainly not via email. That's Avoiding Fraud 101


I'm surprised there's still businesses that operate like that.


Perhaps offer to pay via paypal, but for a 79 room hotel I would have expected more professionalism than 'email us your credit card details'

Went to Pattaya 26 times in 3 years, and now back in Farangland married to a girl I met on my second trip I miss the mateship that I developed in my time in Pattaya, and a lot of Addicts boys are a part of that. Not a big forum user these days but like to look in now and then

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no no no never ! :Anger8: as bell ringer says ask them to use paypal !

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Yeah that doesn't sound right at all. Normally they have a booking page or something where you pay at the site. I wouldn't send them anything and look for another hotel if I were you. It's not worth it mate.

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When I stayed there a few years ago I sent 4 seperate emails from 2 email addresses. Worked out all right.

As much as I love all things Australian, I got to get me action of the asian persuasian.

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Well, there is no need to send them your credit card details, especially card validation code (the three numbers on the back of the card).


If they want to charge your credit card before your stay, you can tell them to make a bank transfer or use paypal.


Sandy Spring requested my credit card information also for my last stay.


No you can call me careless, but I send my credit card details to hotels who are requesting them (for sure only if I stay there :-)). I never had any trouble so far. Everyone I know who's credit card was stolen or abused gets his money back without having trouble. I am working for a bank in switzerland. :-)


Credit card companies are promoting that the use of credit cards is save, so they refund any abuses.


What I do to avoid trouble anyway:

- Low limits on the cards, as I only use them when I travel. I can change my limits within 24 hours, so I increase them some days before I start my trips

- If possible block all other countries except your home country

- Tell your bank when you travel, so they know where you are and don't block transfers (on the other hand they know, where you are not)

- NEVER give away the card validation code

- NEVER give your credit card anyone else

If everything is under control you are just not driving fast enough!

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I've stayed at Sandy Spring a few times and they always ask for your CC info to be sent to them via e-mail. I don't like to do it, but I've never had any problems sending by e-mail. The Sandy Spring web site is pretty old and dated. They really should update it so you can send your CC info over on a secure site.


Like EvilOlaf (the swiss banker) says the CC company's are good about taking care of any bad charges. Years ago I ended up with thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges on my AMEX card after using it in Costa Rica and they took care of them no questions asked.

Whenever you use your CC the info is out there to be taken

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IF I were placed in that situation ...


I have multiple cards ... some of which I never use. I would take a never-used card, make sure my alerts were set so that ANY charge would cause a notification, and I would send the information they requested to secure my reservation.


And as soon as I returned to my home country, I would notify the card company that the card was compromised and to issue a new number.


Problem solved.



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