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Dear members the following content provided does not mean to create any negative aspect to the people who seeks ultimate pleasure. I am also like one of u guys who mongers all day in my life hunting beautiful chicks in all shapes and sizes…here I recently gone thru some statistics which I just want share it with u….

In the early 90’s ,AIDS epidemic was clearly more visible and many organizations spent millions globally in campaigns which scare us into safe sex…this scare seems to work out in all areas and we all happily thought the virus went away…

The reality is that HIV never went away…..the past 2011 is just another year of very real and global HIV epidemic. The latest report by the United Nations on HIV report shows that nearly 2.6 m people are diagnosed with the Virus every year globally.

Despite these alarming numbers the no fear factor among people means that unsafe sex, which explains why HIV rates are increasing. Injecting drug users and condom free sex is more likely to get infected.





· BELIZE 2.3% Philippines <0.1%

· UKRAINE 1.1% BRAZIL <0.1%

Geographical easy means of transport is another factor for the spread of virus today. Easy global travel means HIV is everyone’s problem. Traveling along with internet has fueled global sex.

Even though the campaigns are effective, the annual infection rates are steadily rising. The more partners u have, higher the risks is bit different what most men do is getting drunk sleeping with Girls first protected then unprotected thinking them as girl friends as safest partners.

Though the recent finding of the new anti retro-viral drugs, will only help to prolong our life but not stop us from getting infected. It won’t happen to me attitude is not going to protect us…

Let’s enjoy life till death...But let’s practice safe sex…

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Shows the importance of using condoms everytime.

Farang = Walking ATM. TG's push the right buttons and money comes out. PIN = BBBJ

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My doctor says the riskest sex BY FAR is receiving anal sex without a condom. Damage EXTREMELY sensitive tissuse that is designed to take in the moisture before the waste is expelled. Introduce a fluid containing viruses into that environment is asking for infection.

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