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See your practice Nurse Mate because if it is your First time out of Blighty, to places far flung,then chances are, Yes you will.


One thing I will strongly advise, Make sure your Tetanus is up to Date.


Please come back if you have an issues, and I will advise further for you

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I was thinking Rabies, but I'm a bit of a hard core Monger.


seriously though, Hep A,B.

Which is pretty standard.

Be sure to start them in a timely fashion. Hep B is three shots over a period of (I think) 3 months.

Then a test for immunity.

I could be wrong.

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Re-Post from another recent thread:


not to be vaccinated against Hep A and B is not advisable even in the UK.

tetanus why not.


So my list:


Must haves:

- Mumps

- Polio

- Measles

- Rubella

- Chickenpox

- Diphteria

- Pertussis

- Tuberculosis


Good to have even in the UK / US / EU:

- Hep A

- Hep B

- Tetanus

- Meningococcus



- HPV: some docs might object that the vaccine is not approved for your gender and age class, just find a MD who will give you a DIY dosis of Gardasil


Recommended if spending significant time in the Thai countryside:

- Japanese encephalitis

- Typhoid

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Great info cheers, I'm visiting early next year so will get some vaccines sorted out

Well we're alright here!

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The HPV thing has now been cleared in the usa for men but you still have the age issue before puberty before men are likely to have sex. you should have no issue getting them in Thailand or the Philippines. but there a 13-21 window also.





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Cash injection is paramount......

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Those mentioned are definitely worth considering. I know several guys though that's been living in thailand for years and years and never had any kind of vaccinations at all with no problems. I talked to some doctors in Denmark about it and a few of them said that as long you're going to the big tourist destinations and not deep into the Jungle it's not really a big necessity. Personally I had almost everything done before I moved to thailand just in case.

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Thanks for the information. Great post for anyone leaving the country to go to another one where one might say conditions aren't all that favorable for us outsiders.

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