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Best Internet In Pattaya? (For Trading)


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I am wanting to rent an apartment in Pattaya from March till June (3 months) this year..


the thing that is bugging me though is that my one need that is 100% necessary is the internet connection (I am needing my own connection fast and stable for work wifi alone would not be suitable..Im a trader (where seconds are important and could be nasty lose of money if I lost connection) the apartment would need to have a telephone line with the internet set up or atleast the potential of it being set up, Do any apartments with this kind of short term rental have this set up, if not do you think its possible to get it set up and how long and at what price would it be?


Just wondering if there are any other traders in Pattaya and what the internet is like for trading... also what the best internet service provider is there at the moment? From my research tonight im getting the feel that Sophon is the best



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Very hard to answer overall for Pattaya as it really depends on where the apartment is. I moved a while ago and changed providers to 3BB because TOT said they were over capacity in that area and could not make any guarantees regarding bandwidth and uptime. I'm just a casual user at home, but have not had any issues with 3BB.


I have a friend in Naklua who swears by True, and was very unhappy with international congestion on Sophon. I think True have fiber to the desktop now in parts of Pattaya, which while pricey, should be stable & fast. (Better than some companies who have copper cables hanging from trees anyway!)


Is your work important enough to merit two separate providers? We have this in my place of business, but of course the cost doubles. You could potentially have one DSL via the telephone and one cable modem via the TV connection.


Sorry this is not particularly helpful but if you had n ide of where in Pattaya you will be?

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination

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that is very helpful mate appreciate it. I am looking to stay around Jomtiem Beach and Pratamnak areas.


If I was there long term I would consider two connections, but because Im only going to be there for 3 months this time I might just get the best possible net I can get (which if they have Fibre seems like it might be True now!) and then a dongle for when the net goes down.. with the last resort being my mobile phone to call the broker in Australia if I need to get out of trades quickly

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I have an iPad with True 3G & am very happy with their service. It has very good connectivity all over Pattaya/Jomtien, and they also have a lot of WiFi spots that it automatically connects to when it finds them. They registered the MAC address (The network hardware address of the iPad) so I don't have to go through any sign on etc when I connect.

Maybe their home service has a bundle that includes 3G, so you have a back up connection that way.

I work on Phratamnak and one of the providers went down because a small animal (they said squirrel) chewed through the fibre as it was just lying on the ground. That was a couple of years ago, so maybe it's better protected now.. hope so anyway!

Probably a good idea to call the management offices of the condos you are considering and ask their advice also? Good luck with it & welcome to Pattaya...

Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination

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