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Help deciding hotel!


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Hello there,

I am visiting pattaya for the first time and needed some help in pinning down a hotel.

My budget is between 2000 - 4000 thb per night.


Here is what I am looking for

Safe in the room

Guest friendly no joiner fees.


Can someone please suggest me on the same?


I reach there on 20 th jan


Thanks much!!

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Thanks for replying freed..


Location to be 10 mins from Walking Street so I can be away from the noise and disturbance ( not a must though)

Just got an email from flipper lodge, are they good ?


They mentioned no joiner fees,

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I don't know how long you plan on staying but maybe book a room on-line for the 1st 2-3 days, that will let you get settled in and give you time to walk around and find another hotel if you don't like the 1st one, if you do like the 1st one I'm sure they will be more than happy to extend your stay.

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Lots of hotels fit your goals. By 10 minutes away from WS does this mean by baht bus or walking? Whatever.


I've been going there for years and no longer feel the draw to WS so much but I understand wanting to see it. I currently own so haven't used a hotel in years. But knowing the town as I do if I were to stay in a hotel I would probably choose between 2 locations.


Soi 13/Post Office - there are a lot of decent hotels in this area including some brand new ones. Only concern with new ones is possible construction. The advice given by Wolf Cat is excellent as you only risk a few nights in a shitty hotel but if you like it most hotels will NOT be full January 20 onward. From this area you can take a baht bus very quickly to WS and back. Or walk it in less than 10 minutes if you are a good walker. hotels I know in this area that are decent include Sandy Spring, Dynasty and Lek.


Ahh, you are online NOW as I am typing. OK, make it easy. For two days only stay at Sandy Spring. Learn the town and choose your own next time.




Another area that I think I'd live in if I had it over is the LK Metro. This is like a mini WS area only they forgot to jack up the prices for the tourists - so far. LK Metropole is decent as is Areca. It is further from WS but I can walk it in under 15 minutes. And when you learn the baht bus system you discover you can take one on Soi Boukau to Pattaya Tai, which will 90% of the time turn right and get to 2nd Road and Pattaya Tai which is the beginning of WS. Going home is a bit more difficult as you'll need the baht bus to Soi Diana and then have to hoof it a few minutes but all well trafveled and lit roads to no biggie if you can walk.

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Thanks much for the information. :)

I may be booking lk metropole.

Also I got a good deal from flipper lodge

4700 thb ( includes taxi round trip and late checkout on 21 st ) kind of bending towards that.


Now will be planning on what all place should I visit .

I have somewhere around 40 hours :P


Thanks again

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