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Trip Report about Nightlife, Hotels, etc in Ao Nang


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I'm here during high season and hotels are really easy to find. 4-5 stars anywhere from $4000 baht to $10,000 baht. Some great deals are the Mercure or Best Western that offer girlfriend friendly rooms for as low as $3000baht and you are right on the mains strip. If you want value go anywhere along Ao Nang Road, which is the road that goes toward Krabi Airport, or for better reference the road the is perpendicular to the Ao Nang beachfront.


Nightlife is pretty simple.. The area is really small and can be walked in about 30 minutes. On the beachfront, Centerpoint, which is an area with about 10 bars. Just look for the BurgerKing sign and you are a few yards away. When at centeroint, If you go up the escalator you will be met by ushers that will want you to visit their bars. In here you will find local girls willing to talk to you.


Another place for girl action is up Ao Nang road. Look for the McDonalds sign, across the street is a Soi that is similiar to Walking Street in Pattaya, Soi Cowboy in Bangkok or Bangla street in Phuket. It's pretty tame in comparison but it is what it is considering how small the area is. Just find the street with the Reggae bar at the end of the street. Here you will find bargirls.


Happy Hunting!!!


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More useful info. Rickshaw or the modified tuk tuk within the area should only be $20baht. don't let them tell you any different. Plus the girl to guy ratio is 5:1 so you should really be able get girls on the cheap. Don't waste your money on lady drinks. My favorite line is that i"m (insert name of your nationality) and if you are lucky enough you will go home with me tonight. There is no nudity in these bars. Not sure why but maybe it has to do something with the town and their laws.


hotels along Ao Nang road are girlfriend friendly and can be anywhere from $800B to $1500. Pay no more. I really like this town because of the girl to guy ratio and the vendors aren't pushy.


Gonna visit Phuket next.

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Krabi is a great place to escape the hussle of Patong for a few days. No tuk tuks, tailors or other vendors annoying the shit out of you while you walk around

12 Pints in Know it all

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The town is predominately muslim so over the years nudity or go-gos haven't been allowed, however in the new centrepoint there are now 2 go-gos and on the top floor at the rythmn club the girls go nude after 1am, some cuties too :) but be careful rythmn has stupid lady drinks pricing at 300baht!

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I was in Ao Nang for almost a month in March and April of this year (2012). I stayed in a crappy hotel I booked on Agoda whose name escapes me. It was almost directly across the main street from McDonald's, however, so should not be hard to find. I got a rate of $39 a night which was not bad for the accommodations offered and many other foreigners were staying there. This was towards the end of high season and this is NOT a town for the down-at-heel, as there are some very fancy resorts here cost Baht 8000 per night. Since I was traveling alone, I eschewed the luxury for cheap digs and used the fancier resorts for their gym and pool facilities at an average cost of Baht 200 per day to do this. I did later learn that many regular visitors rent Bungalows at a modest price of Baht 8000 a month and motorcycles can be rented for Baht 3000 a month, at the time I was there.


General impressions--Ao Nang


The Good, The Bad and the Ugly:


This was my first trip to Krabi province and Ao Nang. I hit upon going there because I had heard the beaches around Krabi were interesting and figured anything would be better than my life here in Greensboro, NC, USA. I was correct!


Ao Nang is basically a hick town stretching for about 10 KM or so along a highway from Krabi. It's epicenter is probably close to where I stayed, at the McDonald's and Starbucks in center of this amorphous town. It is a pleasant city with a variety of services and beach-side restaurants and dive shop and plenty of banks to withdraw Baht..


There is a decent live music scene at many of the bars both across from the beach and lining the main road, ranging from Reggae to Thai music to pop fare.


Most of the tourists seemed to be well-heeled Russians, Finns, Europeans of every stripe and I met only a couple of other Americans.


Though there is a nightlife scene with P4P, it is very subdued. There are 3 main roads with bars--the first is across the street from McDonald's about a block away and is almost a dirt road. It had 3-5 bars and the bar on the right at far end of civilization--I believe called "The Lovely Bar, " (not sure), is the liveliest and has some hot women. Barfines will vary there but were averaging 2000 Baht when I was there..


I must have met over a dozen girls from Ubon Ratchathani in Ao Nang--it is like there is a pipeline from that province to Ao Nang. I fucked several of them and even developed a relationship with one that extended on to Bangkok and has now morphed into a sort of "gik" relationship when I am in the country.


There are two other streets--across street from McDonalds and down a few blocks towards the beach, that have bars and women to be barfined. Since this is Ao Nang it is definitely a crap shoot and one can get lucky and find a very young and cute girl but the average lady is much more likely to be in her 30's, attractive and approaching the end of her career rather than the beginning.


I had read that the Airport Bar Complex--which is at the corner of the main drag where the main road curves to go along the beach--also had action. I went to this bar and checked out other bars in the complex on several occasions. I don't know if I gave off a "bad vibe" but I was the only farang in the bar and one of the hostesses would not even take a drink from me, though she agreed to play a few games of pool. It looked like the talent, such as it was, was just preparing for the night as it was about 7:00 PM or so. This complex does not get rolling until much later in the night and there are numerous bars here but I went several times and did not see any freelancers--most foreign couples eating and drinking.


It is a very relaxing, laid-back place where one can go to disappear and walk along the beach. Other than the spectacular limestone formations jutting out of the water, the beach is nothing special at all and if you are a surfer seeking the perfect wave, go elsewhere.


Ao Nang is a great example of the sort of conveniences Thailand has over a place like the Philippines. There was a laundry service very close to my hotel, several of them, in fact. Several weeks later I was staying close to the heart of Puerto Princesa, Philippines, a town the size of Pattaya, and finding a laundry service there was like trying to find the Holy Grail. Ao Nang may be a town of 5000 or so yet it seems to have all one's basic needs covered.


if you're looking for more sophisticated stuff such as a Big C, Cinema, etc. taxis stand by the ready just outside McDonald's and will spirit you to Krabi for around Baht 500 or so.


On another site in this board a poster had suggested I ask a taxi driver to take me to one of the old whorehouses that Krabi used to have. I reget to report that when I asked about these I was told there were no more "lady baans" to be found in Krabi--am not sure if this is a ruse but when a driver is passing up a 500 Baht fare plus tip it's probably the truth.


Final Thoughts:


Ao Nang turned out to be a great place to get away and had just enough women available to make life interesting and enough services to make it convenient and yet enough peace and quiet to make it very relaxing. If you are a person who enjoys "getting away from it all" then it is not a bad location. One can also take boats to the various islands nearby such as Koh Phanagan and Ko Phi Phi.


The town is predominantly Muslim but is peaceful and I saw no evidence of any conflict at all. I was there during the bombing at Hat Yai, too, so tensions were running high in Southern Thailand at that time but were not evident at all in Ao Nang.


If you wish to meet a LOT of women from Ubon Ratchathani, without actually going to Issan, and wish for a laid-back place to go, Ao Nang is hard to beat. There are accommodations ranging from 8000 Baht+ luxury resorts to guest houses--I suggest booking far in advance during high season and also making contacts with local real estate agents for consideration of renting a bungalow. There is a LOT to see and explore in this part of Thailand and I barely scratched the surface, though I started on my way here to losing 10 kilos by walking along the beach from my hotel to Noparratara Beach--a distance of about 8 kilos--every day. I got in some good fucking and met some great people who are regulars to the town and come back every year.


Ao Nang may be a town best enjoyed for a few days unless you are traveling with a lady or are pretty self-contained, as I am. I certainly recommend it as a change-of-pace from Pattaya, Phuket, etc.



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