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Kanchanaburi and River Kwai Bridge


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We recently visited Kanchanaburi to see the Bridge over the River Kwai and Hellfire Pass and it was well worth it just for some of the photos.

We left Pattaya in the early morning hoping to catch the first train to Nam Tok from Bangkok Noi but the taxi driver took us to Wongwian Yai instead so we missed it and had to walk to the proper station and wait. Plenty to see around the station including a market and some colourful buildings.

The train was only 100 baht for 3rd class and took about 3 1/2 hours to get there, a great way to travel and with the doors and windows open quite cool. Who needs air con or fans.

Because we were late we found accommodation straight away a short walk from the station at a place called Tamarind which was the first one we looked at and at 350 baht a night for a room on a raft on the river but no TV or fridge it was great. Clean and the view along the river was fantastic. Perfect choice really, I don't think we could have done better. Each room has a table and two chairs outside and believe me they were well used. Only five rooms on the raft so we were extra lucky getting three together. :7of10Score:

In the evening we walked along the road outside and found traditional Thai food which was also well cooked and reasonably cheap. 120 baht for a Penaeng Curry, rice and cold beer. Not far from the resort there are quite a few bars and the ladies are very friendly, of course. we had a few beers in a couple of them and gave the ladies the pleasure of our company.

The first morning, being the early riser, I took a walk up to the Bridge and took some great early morning shots which I personally think is the best time. Perfect lighting and no people. Others should do it.

Later we caught the train to Nam Tok which was another 100 baht although it is the same price from Bangkok to there. Again it was 3rd class and some with wooden seats which added to the trip not deterred. Everybody tried to get to one side when we went over the Wang Po Viaduct. Great film and views from above.

At Nam Tok we chose to pay an exorbitant price for a pick up and driver to take us to Hellfire Pass and it was worth it to see what the prisoners accomplished although by force with what was at the time primitve equipment. A shame it is not used but also great to be able to walk it although it is not very long but if you are energetic you can go the whole route and back but take plenty of water and decent shoes.

The museum was good and free and the visual media interesting plus the displays of tools and snippets of information on conditions and what the prisoners got up to in the camps. The ingenuity of their ploys to sabotage the railway were very good.

The train back was less crowded until we pick up loads of tourists on the way and then it was standing room only which is not too bad if you want to see the countryside from an open doorway. Hold on tight though because the train jumps quite a bit over the old tracks. :GoldenSmile1::7of10Score:

That night we ate opposite our resort in an open air restaurant which was quite busy and although the others had steak and fries I tried a Green Curry and Payaya salad which my mates helped finish because it was too much and again quite cheap.

The next morning I tried the other direction from the Bridge and found a Chinese type temple complex and waited for the sun to rise and the floating restaurants and houses nearby made some more great shots, the water so still and when the sun came up it was incredible the colours around the complex. They even had a huge hanger in which an abbot sat saying the prayers while hundreds of children squatted in attendance.

When the others got up we went for an English breakfast along what we thought of as "our road" which was also the second we had there it was that good. 110 baht including the coffee.

For our last day we checked out and walked up to the bridge and found guys offering trips by speedboat down the river and back and it was money well spent and please, everyone, try it. This cost us 1000 baht for the three of us for 1 hour and so much to see, film and photograph.

All in all one of the best trips around Thailand we have done and worth every penny (baht).

Coming back we caught the afternoon train which broke down before reaching us so they (borrowed) a diesel from the Eastern Oriental Express which came through while we were waiting and after fours hours got going back to Bangkok where we got a taxi to the nearest Skytrain and made it to Ekamai for a late bus back home.

Temple complex.jpg

3rd class to Nam Tok.jpg

Bridge from the boat.jpg

Early morning Bridge.jpg

Early morning view.jpg

River view.jpg

Tamarind Guest House.jpg

Tamarind raft.jpg

Chun Kai cemetery.jpg

Hellfire pass plan.jpg

Hellfire pass through a tree.jpg

Morning river.jpg

Morning river 1.jpg

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I had been visited about ten years before already. It was good trip. I had been traveling together travel agency from my country. I took also trip on Mekhong river by raft and slept on house boat. I hope you had been visited near burial ground.

THAJEC Thajský muž TRIP 37 - 30.November 2018 - 28.1.2019



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Hey deejay, Kanchanaburi is one of my favorite places in thailand, nice report and great photos, that photo from the tree looking out into hell fire pass is a great shot, myself and a mate went there for the ANZAC dawn service last year, very moving.

Looking forward to any more photos you have…cheers.

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Spent 2 days up there in Dec and could easily have stayed a week. Lots of stuff to do there between the bridge, hellfire pass, the tiger temple and Erawan Falls. Only a small bar scene but easy enough to find some company if you dont BYO. The old busker playing war tunes one minute and gaga bad romance on the violin is a scream.

Blue Sky Group Ban Chang 0861415944 



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Erawan falls is a wonderful place to visit. Need to be ready for some exercise though. First time I was there, I got to the 5th of 7 levels. I stopped due to lack of time. Second time I was there about 1 year ago, we made it to the 7th level. The 6th and 7th levels are quite a bit more challenging than the lower ones. My farang friend nearly died from exhaustion (555555) but he made it. If you put your feet in the water, the little fish will nibble on the dead skin. The water is really refreshing after the climb. If you are in good shape, it is not much of a problem getting to the top. The problem is that both times, I was on a tour and they only had so much time to stay so I felt rushed. Next trip, (in 3 weeks), I will rent a car and drive there myself. That way we can stay as long as we (TGF and I) want and will have air conditioning when we get down to the bottom.


I very highly recommend visiting this park. Need to get there as early as possible since this is VERY popular with Thais. You can swim or just wade in the pools and under the falls.

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Hey seems like you had a great trip, its worth the visit and I can never understand people not taking the time. We went to the tiger temple when we were in that area which is also worth a visit, plus the memorial grounds which is an experience in itself when you start reading the plaques.

Keep trekking, Thailand is a big beautiful country.



Big Casino.

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I wanted to do this when I stayed in Bangkok but apart from a trip to Ayutthaya I more or less did fuck all when I was in Bangkok, never even saw the Grand Palace. :/


Got a few connections now so hopefully I can get to see this area of Thailand when I stay in Bangkok in October.


How long would it take in car to get to Kanchanaburi in car from Bangkok and if I left early enough could I see the bridge, Hellfire pass, Tiger Temple and the Erawan Falls in one day?

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Yes its a great trip, I took my parents a few years back, great to stay in the bungalows on the river, so peaceful, we have the book in the bookshop, all the facts and the true story


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I wanted to do this when I stayed in Bangkok but apart from a trip to Ayutthaya I more or less did fuck all when I was in Bangkok, never even saw the Grand Palace. :/


Got a few connections now so hopefully I can get to see this area of Thailand when I stay in Bangkok in October.


How long would it take in car to get to Kanchanaburi in car from Bangkok and if I left early enough could I see the bridge, Hellfire pass, Tiger Temple and the Erawan Falls in one day?



I't not really possible to do it in a day. You'd be racing around everything, and you'd need a taxi do do it all!


Kanchanaburi is about 2 hours north west of Bangkok, Hellfire pass about 20 minutes further north again.


To see the death railway museum takes at least a couple of hours, the same for the Tiger Temple. There is also an interesting train ride you can take along the bank of the river to the end of the line.

So my advice is give yourself a couple of days.


I can recommend the Felix resort hotel which is right by the bridge, and is a great location to watch the sound and light show which is held once a year. The pics posted by Rob9999 above give a great idea of the show!


It's worth the effort!



I recently started a whiskey diet......I've lost three days already!

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Good report, I did the day trip there a couple of years ago, was well worth seeing, wish I'd stayed longer.


I'm thinking of returning there in November for a few days, is there any sort of service held in Kanchanaburi on Rememberence day?

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another good place is sai yok yai waterfall....104 km from kan (north)



the bung. 800 baht p.night ( 3 trips between 2009-2010)








inside the waterfall park




arriving at the right side








to the other side









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and come back ..... shower
















the last 2 pics





here is nothing !!!!! order beer .... tschup hom (or more) your lady......




night time








morning time




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the "kan beach"
























(sorry, accident with my flickr account....too late to edit the bridge photos....

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Great trip report on the area, I would love to do it on my next visit.

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Thanks for your trip report. It is a great place to visit not only for the historical value. I have only been there once. A group of us made a one day trip to Kanchanaburi a few years back. We talked about going back to do a river cruise but never made it. Your photos got me interested again for a return trip.

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Kanchanaburi / bridge on the river kwai is as well as being a nice part of Thailand is a history lesson . Many japanese schoolchildren were there too .


Have done 3 day trips from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi , but a couple of nights stay would be a very worthwhile visit to take it all in .



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another trip

11 km from kan



wat ban tam

















a part of the khun phaen khun chang story





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"a walk in the p....mouth"














khun phaen und wife nr. 3 buakhli (true love.....)






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left side....in the back...kan beach









inside the cave/wat










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the "golden boy"

he have magic power.....so the thaipeople spend guns etc......you can see them

on many places in kan











(sorry about my "lothar matthäus english")

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