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Plans to open new beer bar in bangla road


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HI Bms,

How u guys r all doing.

I plan to open up a new beer bar definitely on coming march in Bangla road.

Actually one of my friend is going to stay permanently in Phuket and going to look after the business.

He is having big plans in marring a Thai girl in Phuket and going to become a citizen there.

we are coming on February second week to check out for the bars and to pay them advance....

Please Bms clarify me the following.....

1) whether is there any vacant bars available in Bangla road? or

2) Shall i try in the new Tiger complex?

3) What is the prevailing advances or rent do i need to pay?

4) If i choose any bars where i have to go for legal documentations?

5) Mainly where i have to aproach for working or business visa?


Plzs Bms let me know this and i just really want to settle down in Land Of Heaven.May be if everything works out my bar will be coming in promo activities in this phuket-info website....Smile


I heard from some of the seniors that it is not wise to open up bars in Phuket or Thailand whatever it may be...but irrespective of many issues i just really want to do some good job there and want to come up in life and my friend too...I m confident that i will succeed..So plzs help me

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Mate I do not want to come across as rude but if you are asking here for advice then you really need to do more Homework ref owning a Buisness in Thailand


Living the Dream very rarely becomes a reality and whilst I wish you the very best of luck the chances are very slim in making it.


The Truth really is in what you pay out that doesn't go through the Books that causes the problems and unless you have unlimited Funds give it a miss


Happy New Year Matey

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Welcome to the forum.... Hope you will do well in your new venture...

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Welcome & good luck. I think you are going to invest in the bar and your friend & his wife will work as partner and look after the bar.


Sound good but you actually need some more professional advice.


I know another Indian BM who is trying to start up some business plan in pattaya, you can PM to lextheimpaler82

<img src=http://createcaptions.com/ca/im/gi%5E_%5Ehandwritten%5E_%5E1%5E_%5E0%5E_%5EThe+Unrated+Trip+8th+May%5E_%5E.gif border=0>

XTC in search for some Ecstasy TR <a href="http://www.pattayapeopleradio.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.pattayapeopleradio.com/archive/224/ppt_radio_link_120x150.jpg" alt="Pattaya People Radio Thailand" border="0" width="120" height="150" ></a>

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Welcome to the forum.... Hope you will do well in your new venture...


+1 follow your dream and see were it takes you mate, good luck in your new venture. A good mamsaan to supervise the bar girls is worth her weight in gold. :Chokdee3:


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You are 3 months early:


It's 1st January today, not 1st April.

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Not shore a Pattaya monger forum is the right place to get the answers you need .


Give it a very good thought , there are a lot of hidden dangers starting a business in a maffia controlled city .


1. You spaeak the language

2. You got a trustworthy Thai partner

3. You got the money to walk away and leave it behind you when it doesn't work out .


If you answered one of the questions with NO , don't do it !

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I m confident that i will succeed..So plzs help me


Of course you will succeed...

The new Tiger complex is a good place to start (but have a look at the bars under the boxing stadium too, many bars are empty and just waiting for an optimistic farang to become a gold mine...).

Pay the 8 million Baht key money (for 3 years).

Pay the rent (don't remember how much...).

And become a millionaire in no time!

As easy as that.

I wonder why all these bars are not already sold???

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  • 1 month later...


as a business owner here (not a bar owner) I can answer to few of Your guestions..


1. yes, there a vacant bars now for example at the "old" soi tiger and soi seadragon

2. You can try there also, but all of the front bars are now sold, so You would have to get a bar from the back.. and the rents and keymoneys are really high there..

3. the rent and "keymoney" varies a lot and You have to check them out when You are here. Some of the bars that are now on sale are having their leases expiring, so You must check how to continue after..

4. the legal documentations depents how You are going to set the whole thing up. If You're going to put everything under a thai name (Your friends girlfriend-maybe not a good idea) then You don't really need too much. Othervise You will need a good layer how can set up a company for You etc..

5. the layer will take care of that..


maybe You should check out the phuket-info.com website for more info, it's a similar forumn like this one, but focusing mainly on Phuket. It has a lot of business/barowners as a BM there..



setting up an any kind of business in here is actually quite easy, but winning/ making good profit is really not..


good luck-

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better to search for more info on http://www.phuket-info.com/forums/


and be prepared to bring a shit load of cash with you, or better to loose it!

A good girl gives you happiness and a bad girl gives you experience both are essential in life so enjoy every girlfriend!

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With all due respect it strikes me that both you and your friend should spend a bit longer time actually in Thailand, on the ground, looking around, watching what goes on and listening to the advice of guys who have "been there and done that" before you.


Your friend has big plans to become a "citizen". Well unless he's Chinese or from Malaysia or another neighboring country he can forget about that idea.


From your post here for information it's obvious you really know zero about the business you want to get into and business in Thailand in general. Unless you're sharp and very clued up you will certainly be seperated from your money.

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good luck in your new bar but all the things you ask you should know befor you do it maybe this is not the place . but if you find a bar near the front of the complex that whould be better . you should have a manager not your mates girlfreind to run the bar trust me on that one. and make sure you have money to get home when the fun is over.

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