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the vault vs billabong hotel


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Fellow addicts do any of you got to experience both. If yes please share ur experience on which you prefer and why thanks

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Sorry .. have not logged in for awhile. I have actually been to pattaya twice in the past year. First trip was to The Vault and the 2nd to Billabong .. so I think I may have a good bit of insight for you.


First thing you need to know ... you cannot go wrong with either. Both very nice places and well located ( more on that in a minute) -- Management at both is top notch .. One American ( Vault and one Aussie( Billabong).


First The Vault

* More expensive, but ... you are literally walking distance to Walking Street .. He also has a lot of different types of suites to choose from that everything from Jacuzzi's to Striiper Poles .. to even a Sex Swing.

* A lot of camraderie -- more of a Boys Night Out atmosphere all of the time. No Bar Girls there so during the day you can get a reprieve if you want. Also .. if you want a wing man .. there are many to be had. I met some really cool people in my short visit there. Also .. The Owner ( Mike) will make sure you are well taken care of and well directed.

* No Food -- everything needs to be brought in



* Less Expensive .. so if you are in for a long stay ... this may come into play.

* Rooms are fine .. very clean .. just not all of the bells and whistles of The Vault if that is what you are into

* Location -- LK Metro ---- Not sure if this is your first time here or not, but while you must try Walking Street ... for me ... I LOVE LK Metro. It offers everything in a 5 minute walk. Top Go Go's, Devil's Den, Lolitas BJ Bar, Massages, Beer Bars .. you name it .. it has it

* Girls on staff in the Bar pretty much at all times. i really liked this because .. especially if you are there for a few days .. its nice just to hang out in the Bar area .. Play some pool, eat, ... you can be alone if you want, but you don't have to be. Girls are Bar Fineable as well. ----- Some guys feel a little weird about going out and BF'ing a Go Go Girl and bringing them back because you do have to walk right by all of the Billabong girls you see all day, but they do not care .. its not a big deal and they will usually good naturedly kid with you. -- As a matter of fact one of the girls was giving me a hard time because the girl I brought back was not a "Stunner" --- So after they had a nice little laugh at my expense I proceeded to explain to them that while the girl was not a top notch Stunner .. she was a freaking Gymnast in the sack! --

* Food -- I loved being able to just go downstairs and have a variety of food to choose from.


In the end .. if you are going for 10 Days .. i woul split your time amongst the two as they are both great. For me ... because of the items mentioned above .. i will stay at Billabong everytime I visit.


Hope that helps

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The Vault is still a great place...Mike is a good guy, but has had some health issues...if the Vault is rockin' (and MIke is feeling good)...it is a good place...room 3/3 is a favorite...D.

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The Vault is a great place to stay.It looks kinda cheap on the outside but once you step foot in your room you will see its money well spent.

Mike is a great host and even with his health issues he is still the man to know in Pattaya.

He speaks the lingo and is able to help with any and all requests.I had the best holiday there and the only reason I don't stay there anymore is because I am no longer a monger.

Its a great base to meet other guys and wingmen are never a problem.

Yes its expensive but you get what you pay for.If you want a treat and don't plan on staying for 3 months then hell yes go for the Vault.Its also only 3 mins walk to Walking Street and a Baht bus away from LK Metro.


Dave M. in Dublin

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