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ESUOHTNEP hotel is a shit hotel in my own opinion... Staff Unfriendly...

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Stayed there many times in the past,though not for many years now.

Never had any issues with the staff....just wished sometimes that there

was more light in the rooms.

My advice would be to go and have a look at a room or two in the first place.

Try around lunchtime....when people are checking out and rooms are more likely

to be empty.You might get a feeling straight away that you do or don't want to stay.

Then again you could just book a couple of nights and try it out....what's the worst that could happen ?


On another issue...why the hell can we never use the actual name of this hotel ?

It's not like it's a profanity or slang word for female genitalia for instance.....

So why is this rather ordinary word routinely blocked ?

Clever of Jocky (above) to reverse it......always thought it more usual to say the address

is Pattayaland 2 as well.....though it may be technically soi 10.

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The location is Soi 13/4. It's stuck in Pattaya Land Soi 2 between Boys Town 1 (Pattaya Land Soi 1) & Boys Town 2 (Pattaya Land Soi 3). Some like to joke that Pattaya Land Soi 2 is also boys town but it's a street full of bars and Go-Go bars that cater for all tastes as well as some very nice restaurants. The beach is just one minute away and Walking Street just 2 minutes. It's safe. Maybe one of the safest areas in Pattaya. The hotel and this forum might have some kind of history between them hence the Spam Word reference and comments such as those made by Jocky King. However, at the end of the day, this is just another hotel that some people like and some don't. A renovation is going on at the moment at the front of the hotel which should look preety good when finished.


I think it might be a good idea to follow the advice of Shelfsidemark and take a look when you are in town.


Shelfsidemark - quite a few rooms have more light now. Many on the second floor have been renovated in conjunction with the small outdoor pool and sun deck. Next time you are around take a look at 201, 202, 203, 212 and 214. You don't have to stay and you will get a free orange drink.

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Stayed this year, construction going on. But was not as bad as what I expected. I think the trick is to expect it to be very bad and then you end up more happier.


The Room was pretty cluttered and I had a Patpong Party Suite. Light was a problem. Porn on the TV was amuzing. The Bed is huge so it is best to have a Menage a Tois in at least. Actually got a very good Sleep also.


Yes Staff checking in are not as Friendly as Staff at other hotels, but they got the Job done. Deposit I think was 3000THB.


Elevator is slow, but a novelty factor.


Yes it is in Boiz Town, so can always take one of the GoGo Girls out for a bit of a Giggle. I have to say the Show at A-BOMB is rather Good, and No I am not into Boys.


I would say do it once, do not plan your Trip around it- but if you do not mind changing hotels is a good idea.






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On another issue...why the hell can we never use the actual name of this hotel ?



From what I gather, as the question has cropped up a few times, the P-Hse spammed the forum horrendously and the only way to get rid of the issue was to automatically delete the hotel's name if it's posted.


I've read a lot of reviews about the place, and opinions vary from one extreme to another. It's probably a great place to stay for the novelty value, as the rooms are set up for the serious monger with 'health swings', dance poles etc. I guess you're also unlikely to run into Mrs and Mrs Bloggs and their two kiddies whilst you're dragging three giggling TG's back to your room.


IMO it's a hotel that you might try for a few days just to see if it's worth an extended stay later on.


Just had a thought, maybe if they actually changed the name of the place to THE SPAM WORD hotel they could get back on the forum............. :GoldenSmile1:





Perthie's PA Bash and Bikini/Glow Party 19th May 2017.  Bikini clad girls in body paint, great food including pig roast, free shots, games and prizes for the lads and lasses.

 6pm onwards at Sexy In The City (Soi 6) under the hosting expertise of the magnificent Xylanic.

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i am booked there from tuesday


Make sure you ask for a map of where all the bloody light switches are, took me 25 mins first night to switch them off!!,


Take a stock of things like shower caps if you want them for the girls they charge for every one, in fact they charge for anything that moves, also they do not supply complimentary water you will have to buy this yourself


DON'T give them your credit card pay in cash

tumblr_mozsz8Bsd61qauzwfo2_250.gifIn honour of Smoakparktumblr_mozsz8Bsd61qauzwfo3_250.gif

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why do they call it spamword hotel on here?eveything was fine when i stayed there for a few nights

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Stayed there at my first trip... Staff Unfriendly among few negatives.... Wont be going back.

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