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Anyone interested in mongering in Singapore should refer to warrenssingapore.com for a very comprehensive account. I merely presume to add a few more recent details. Any reference to a Lorong is that stretch of the Lorong between Geylang & Talma Roads. All monetary references are in Singapore dollars (S$)


INTERNET maps of Geylang exaggerate its size. The main mongering area from Lorong 8 (L8) to L20 is easily walkable. Prior to my first reccy of this area during the evening, at least half a dozen people told me that there were few girls out these days because of police raids. Don't believe this crap. Seek & ye shall find.


During the dark hours, L12 is festooned with Indos asking S$70. This may include the cost of the ST Room, probably S$10.

These girls are not very well dressed & speak a little English. If you attempt to engage any of them in conversation, a pimp will intervene. They would not go to my hotel on L14, even though you could see my building from the place we were talking on L12. They will only go to a ST room, a showstopper for me. I guess their pimps keep them on a very short leash. It is uncanny how these Indos can dematerialize instantly upon police arrival, then reappear just as quickly upon police departure.


Along Talma RD from L8 to L14, even during the daytime, lurk some very well-dressed, tall, leggy Chinese girls wearing very provocative minidresses. Their only English is to quote you their high price, S$100. I never got past this point.


Interspersed along this same stretch of Talma (L8-L14, but mostly near L12) are pockets of Thai girls asking S$30, probably not including the ST room fee. The first words out of the mouth of each one I spoke to were "...I fuck no condom"! Thanks but no thanks. One did say that she would go to my hotel, but I didn't indulge.


On L20 right at the intersection of Geylang RD lurk some WG's, I think Indo & Chinese. One Indo quoted me S$70. On L8 are a number of pimps with 4-5 girls each. I never got the girls' ethnicities straight, but I did negotiate the pimps down to S$50 from S$70. I do not like talking to these pimp parasites, nor do I have any patience with them.


One of the few beauties of Geylang is the many sidewalk cafes along Geylang RD everywhere. These offer freshly-prepared local dishes at very reasonable prices. Those who wish to avoid spices such as chili, curry, & ginger should so specify when ordering. The meat portions of these dishes are extremely small. Those desiring a thick juicy steak or a succulent roast chicken should seek elsewhere.


An unbelievable feature along Geylang RD are INTERNET cafes charging only 50 Singapore cents per hour & operating 24/7. I had to pinch myself. There is one near L4 & another near L18.


I cannot recommend Geylang as a viable alternative for mongering. Singapore has already seen the last of me.


THAT's IT! For all it's worth! CHEERS!


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thanks for the useful info.....

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