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How safe are Safe's ?


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Not sure if this topic has been mention before just want to know how safe they actually are? this is regarding guest houses and not hotels.


I would assume guest house owner/manager will have a 'master key' but would anyone else have access other than the person renting the room.


Any help or advise will be much appreciated.

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There have been quite a lot of threads on this.

Out of all of the threads we have had a few people that have said things were stolen out of them but from memory it has not been confirmed if it was the girl they brought back or someone in the hotel.

A few out of the many many MANY people who have stayed at places tells me that it is very rare.

Might I assume you are more likely to be pick pocketed on BR that get you safe broken into.

That does not mean that you should not be careful and have back up plans of course.

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Most of these safes are very easy to open when you know how .

There only has to be one corrupt cleaner or bell boy and you're in trouble .


Doesn't happen often but it happens so be carefull and don't put all your money/cards in the same place .

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They are not safe if you are protecting valuables from hotel staff, but generally ok if protecting from guests, although I'm sure there are a few who know how.

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Ditto on seeing many threads on this subject.


Bottom line is that there are many different make/model safes, and some are better than others.


All can be defeated, especially by somebody that is making it their business to be a thief.


All the same that can be said of the lock on your front door at home, or the lock on your car.


They keep honest people honest.


My $0.02



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