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Richy Club, Chiang Mai


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I'm not sure the logo is having the desired effect: most of the young guys in my condo assume it's a place for gay men.

Banana=blow job=gay, I suppose.

It probably got started by association with its neighbor about two blocks away, which is most certainly a place for men only.

I sent an SMS to the telephone number featured in their

, and was pleased to receive a response in English within two minutes.

I asked if I could come early in the afternoon, and the told me their hours were from 2PM until midnight.

The reception was very courteous and professional. My hostess recognized me right away as the man who sent the SMS, and chatted for a couple of minutes before introducing the three girls available.

Later in the day, the available staff doubles to six. I chose number two, a twenty-five year old named Nam, as she was the most attractive, and seemed eager to please.

Our room was a third floor walkup, but worth the hike. It was spotlessly clean, well-appointed, and thoroughly air-conditioned.

Nam gave me a gentle but complete shower, and joined me in the nude. As usual, she very shyly undressed and wrapped up in a towel when we began, but shed her inhibitions once the water started running.

The oil massage was very pleasant, but turned exciting when she began using her entire body on my back. She slid up and down, grinding her pussy into my coccyx and moaning quietly. As she did this, she'd lean over and lick my ears. Very stirring.

I'll spare you all the details, but she rolled me over and finished me off pretty quickly. There was time left, and she didn't give up on her job. She played with me until I saw we were down to a few minutes, and suggested another shower to clean up the oil that was everywhere.

She repeated the shower experience, and gave me a nice kiss to finish the session.

1300 baht, paid in advance.

When I left, there was no one to be seen, I stepped out into the sunlight and snapped a camera shot of the sign out front.

Nimmenahaeminda Soi 13, across from the Good Friend Burmese library and the Insect Museum, They're open every day of the week.


2011-11-30 15.15.54.jpg

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It's Tinglish, you know.


I see you're new here, so I'll elaborate a little.

Thais actually don't use verb tenses, and have a very tough time trying to translate them.

It's just a fact of life that you get used to, and try very hard to understand.

They know what they mean, and it's up to you to catch on.

First rule is context: they don't use irony. You can usually assume they're saying something very straightforward and simple.

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Nice Establishment,,, Pity there was no introduction of the staff in the Youtube...

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I'm guessing there's too much turnover to warrant a staff intro in the video.

Matter of fact, the woman in the video wasn't there.

To be honest, the girl I chose was the only one who could be called nice-looking. I'll go back one night to see if there's a better range of choices in prime time.

At the price, I can go a few blocks further to the Phucome and have a much greater variety.

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I like the girl on reception!


Look like decent rooms although as per one of the comments on youtube, the video does make it look like she is selling wall paper!


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Info on tipping etiquette please... experience massive guilt when I don't tip enough, but don't like paying too much either :-)

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Ouch...! This is one of my places here in Chiang Mai and I have been very surprised it is already in here...


Anyway, this is what this site is for... sharing information. So, here you are:


The 1,300 THB will buy you a 80 minutes session with the girl of your choice. Shower, Oil massage, Happy Ending (Hand Job) and Shower again after finished. Then you have the Second and ONLY step that is Blow Job, that you have to negotiate. A 700 THB (+ the initial 1,300) always worked for me (that is meant tipping included, it is 2,000 THB already), another 100 to 500 tip in the girl's hand before leaving the room would be very appreciated (if you are satisfied).


There is a second option at 2,000 THB for TWO girls of your choice for the usual 80 minutes. In this case the "upgrade" to BJ should be anywere between 500 and 1,000 THB (it depemds if you want both the girls blowing you or just one). Personally I like Girl 1 HJ at the beginning and Girl 2 BJ at the end.


I never asked for FS, but (I guess) if you become a regular and the Girls start to recognize you and judge you as a "decent" man, everything can happen. I do not know if they have straight rules about FS, I will ask the girls next time I will go there.



It happened that I just asked to the Manager (the pretty girl at the reception) about the Youtube VDO, she said she hired the girl in the VDO just for the advertisement and the reason why they NOT show the girls is because they (the Girls themself) do not want to be shown because (this is what she said to me) some have Boyfriend and/or do not want Family menbers find out how they made the extra money. She also sait almost al the girls are attendin Universiti or have a regular (part-time, I guess) job.

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