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data Roaming charges for O2 iphone experiment


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I'm arriving in Pattay on Nov 26th.

I have spoken to O2 . There are no deals for travellers to Thailand, I will be charged £40 for 50 megabytes of data.. when I reach this amount of data, they will send me a text to save I have hit my limit and I will have no more access to internet...


This is a good idea as it stops you getting a £500 bill for leaving internet on , on your phone.


but how much is 50 megabytes.. what can you do with 50 megabytes ?.. that what I anm about to find out


Now.. I'm going not going to visit websites or download pictures that are emailed to me or reply to non-urgent emails.. I'm just going to read emails I recieve and use my apps.

for looking at websites and downloading pictures recieved I will wait til I'm back in hotel.


The idea is to see how long the 50 megabytes for £40 lasts...


I think I will not use anywhere near 50 megabytes.

I will reset the data and call time counters on my iphone when I arrive , so I can monitor my usage

If it is really low.. I might be able to afford to open PA website while out mongering.. wouldn't that be useful !!!!!


I'm going to see if I can buy thai lanauge translation apps and pattaya tourist infomation apps and ( if there is such a thing) a Pattay Mongers App!!!


If this intrests you.. keep watching this tread as I will be updating during my trip on my usage and costs


might be interesting.. might not !!!!!


I have a Thai cell phone so don't plan to make calls

but they say ..

to recieve calls will cost me 85p

To make calls will cost me £1.20

To send text to Uk will cost 85p

To recive texts is free


I was going top turn on my voice mail / answer machine on my O2 phone and leave a message saying " please don't call me or leave massage here.. Please send me a text or call 0066 blah blah blah to get my thai cell"

But don't do that.. because O2 will charge you |£1.20 a minute as if your were making a call back to Uk.. because they say your phone is making a call back to the O2 voice mail computers that are in UK... shame they charge that.. it would be a good solution

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50 Meg is not a lot mate, especially if you are going to download anything. But it might be enough for browsin, not sure because I don`t use the internet on my phone. I`m only judging on music and films , whichj I download quite a lot of. A half decent film is usually about 1.2 Gig, which is 1200 Meg. .Hope that`s some help.

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i take it your iphone has WIFI just turn your data roaming off and go to a place that has a wifi hotspot , and do your e-mails and internet stuff from there

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Hi tlsdk, can you get a micro-sim for iphone with this plan? How much more sim?


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Here are the Dtac rates:



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