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Avoiding Air Passenger Duty on flights from UK


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Hi All


The current cost of Air Passenger Duty (APD, Air Passenger Tax) on flights from the UK is so high now (see screenshot attached) - more than the cost of the actual flight itself !


Has anyone found a way to avoid it (or pay less) when coming from the UK to Thailand?


In theory, by breaking up the journey with a stopover of 24 hours or more, you can reduce the tax because you are technically taking two shorter trips (see example "Connecting Flight" and "Connected Flight" scenarios on the HM Revenue & Customs, Air Passenger Duty webpage)


I have contacted most of the major travel agencies - WestEast, eBookers, Trailfinders, STA Travel, etc and they claim EITHER not to be able to book me the journey in two stages (e.g. London-Amsterdam, Amsterdam-Bangkok) OR quoted me more expensive prices than direct from the UK.




Cost of Air Passenger Duty.gif

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Is there anyway you can easily add it to business / tax expenses free or anything both of my parents own businesses but i guess they wouldn't have a clue where to start or me..

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Although APD is high, I believe that there are more costs included in the 'Taxes and fees' figure quoted above.


I can see what you are trying to achieve but I think that it is probably more hassle than it is worth. The booking fees on two flights are going to be higher than one, if you stop over for 24 hours then you have to find accommodation, travel to and from a second airport, check in again etc. One website that does offer multi-destination options and may be worth a try is Opodo.


I understood that APD is calculated at different rates for the portion of the flight that is inside and the portion of the flight that is outside the EU airspace. Therefore on long haul flights we pay less APD per mile when compared to short haul European routes. This has always been a bug bearer for environmental lobbyists but hopefully it will not change in the future.


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This could be slightly off-topic :Crazy1: !


Hi living on a off-shore tax haven in the Channel Islands I can avoid UK Airport taxes by obtaining a through fare with Flybe/Emerites out of Gatwick! I only have to pay local and BKK airport tax which is low!


To not be liable to pay the UK airport tax is you can only be in mainland UK for 6 hours between the connecting flight (in transit)! There is also the exception if I catch the last flight from CI at night I can then catch the onward flight in the morning which I will be doing in Dec without the UK airport tax. I also get the increased luggage allowance (30kg) from CI and Flybe has to look after me in case of delay which causes missed connection to DBX and onwards to BKK which includes overnight hotel, re-booking of connecting flights and any other costs inccured the same applies on the return flights!


Perhaps the above rule applies to other off-shore Crown Dependencies ie: Isle Man etc??




Hoffmiester :Circle_Sharks:

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To add to what leadpencil said the tax for that trip should be about £120.


£75 of which would be UK APD

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Wait to next year the government is putting it up by 10% :Anger:


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It's even higher for anything higher than economy - £150 to the LOS!


Don't think booking economy to Paris then Biz to BKK will help - HMRC has though of that and you pay the full amount!


You can beat the charge by starting your trip in Dublin or Paris on a separate ticket - but that depends how cash poor and time rich you are. Also, factoring the positioning flight cost (or train or ferry), a possible hotel stay and the risk of missing your flight due to delays (tough luck, you'll need to rely on your insurance) makes it not really worth it.


Unless of course you want to fly with BA in business, when a number of European starting points are cheaper than the UK anyway. Compare the costs of flying from Milan to LHR to BKK with BA in Club in March, vs doing the same trip just LHR-BKK. A saving of $1500, depending on the day of travel.

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