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I'm int he US Air Force stationed in Korea and have PLENTY of opportunity to take R/R any place I want in the world, but about once a year we get sweet TDY's (Temporary Duty) to some awesome places. This is my 3rd Korean tour which lasts a year at a time and I was stationed in Okinawa for 3 years so I'm fluent in the art of "pointy talkie" and mongering (Certified Yellow Fever son!).

My squadron got a sweet TDY to Singapore a few months back and the Lion City didn't disappoint, especially in the whoring category. As soon as we arrived, military transport, we were greeted with tales of 'Orchard Towers', the legendary '4 Floors of Whores'. Now being a 2 time veteran of Pattaya, I couldn't resist partaking in that shit.

Singapore is one of the most heavily maintained/regulated/strictest places on earth, but for some reason this 2-3 blocks of real estate is a mini version of Patts. I mean everything you'd find on Soi 6 or Walking Street is here. Outside the joint just reeks of free lance, free range scummy type hoes, aren't they all in some ways? After wading through these waters you hit the first floor and are immediately harassed by the lady boys, I'm no chaser or hater so I just say thanks but no thanks and keep it moving. Little corner type stores and eateries are plentiful so you can grab a snack or 5000 condoms if need be, you're covered.

Second floor has the oh so famous club 'Epanema'. I've heard of this place of sin for years, Phillipino band cranking out top 40 covers upstairs and downstairs, wait staff were pretty much assholes to my friend and I cause they knew we were military and we weren't going to tip (Singapore is the most expensive place I've ever been on the planet, including Tokyo, $13-16 for a Heineken?! Fuck you, the only tip you get from me is the tip o' my DICK! Lol) so we would just walk out to one of the on site 7-11's and buy beers. When we walked into this joint the first time, I thought we were in a lesbian bar seeing as the ratio of girls to guy was about 100:1, no lie. Turns out every single bird in the place is on the 'job' and that fact was quickly apparent when we got the Soi 6 treatment but in a more confined space,lol. Nut house. Pulled a Vietnamese broad the 1st night and her starting price was $300! Screw that jazz, it took 2 sentences to walk her down to $50, lol. A lot of high rollers frequent Sing and to make matters worse there was a big F1 race the week we were there so every whore within boat paddling distance was jacking up the twat prices and trying to land themselves a whale...we are not the 1%, lol, Zing (I'll be here all night folks, tip your waitress).

The third floor was just a bunch of random bars with what seemed like the entire population of the Phillipino whores guild, was ridiculous! Club passion in particular, my friend and I stumbled in and we saw maybe 3 girls malingering around randomly, looking for work, maybe 2 guys in the club having a brew so I thought "whew, we can just chill here"...nope. We ordered our usual $30 round of beers (ridiculous) and turned around to about 18 LBFM ninjas who apparently 'Vampired' there way into our presence without being detected. Immediately our zippers flew open and our well groomed, well hung man-rockets were being serviced by 3 mouths apiece! "Holy whore knuckles Batman!" my friend screams, I was taking a sip of my beer at the time and spit probably $4 worth of Beer Loa on 2 ladies, hilarity ensues, worth it. After we finish giving each other modified 'Dutch Rudders', lmao, my friend and I went tot the 4th floor which is a bunch of massage parlors and Lady boy bars...to Epanema my friend!

Second time we went to the Floors, we saw this F1 team member, crew chief or something, get his ass HANDED to him by a pissed off Thai tranny who obviously had been kickboxing since birth. He thought just cause he was about 6 foot 3 and chunky he could fuck about...wrong move dude. Then the cops busted in and hauled HIS ass to the pokey, dumb ass. Anyways.

The other mongering spot was a ways away in Little India, can't remember the name but it was open air and full of nasty looking snooch, so we blasted off from that place.


On a non whoring aspect, we got robbed badly at a resteraunt in Boat Quay. Sat down for a nice gigantic crab diner and was told the price was $16 per KG, mine came out to be 3 KG so I was down for the chewin' so to speak. Ate, drank and was merry. Got tanked and then the bill came...$432 sing dollars ($380 US) apiece! It came out to be per MG or some sort of fuckery! After a few long stares and brow furrowing, I decided that being in Sing prison wasn't worth it because The ugly American was just about to seep out of me. Paid and walked away without incident because I knew my bank would be emailing me about the charge in the morning trying verify this bullshit. My bank cancelled the charge and put $300 back on my card. Singapore prison rape avoided.


Well gents, this is my first TR and should have another by next week since I'm sitting in my hotel room, Pattaya Secrets, contemplatin a ST with the mama downstairs who looks better than half the working girls in there, lol. Will try to be at the Mash a gogo Halloween party on Monday dressed as Gucci Mane if any PA member wants to throw a few brews back with a 'Cooler than a Polar Bears' toe nails' not so ugly American, lol. Holla at yer Boy!!!

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Buddy Edgewood

Good TR, thanks for sharing!



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Excellent work and nice report bruh. Thanks for the post. Singapore is defintely on the schedule - but I will make sure to bring extra cash for that trip. I'm glad Visa can and will reverse charges that are the result of fraud or bad business practices. Love it.

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