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Louis Tussaud's Waxworks

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The other day I decided to check out Louis Tussaud's Waxworks, located on the 3rd floor of Royal Garden, which is the 4-story shopping center stretching between Beach Road and 2nd Road.


With a 580 THB entry fee per adult (regardless of nationality), it's not exactly cheep. However, you can buy a 3-attraction pass for 790 THB per person, and a 5-attraction pass for 1,100 THB per person, which saves you a bit of money so long as you want to enter 3 or more attractions. The attractions are all located on the same floor of the shopping center, and include the following with the individual price for the attraction in parenthesis:


Infinity Maze (480 THB)

Louis Tussaud's Waxworks (580 THB)

Ripley's Believe It or Not (480 THB)

Ripley's Moving Theater 4D (300 THB)

Ripley's Haunted Adventure (480 THB)


Back to Waxworks...photographs are allowed, and even encouraged. In fact, there are various wax figures placed throughout the 3rd floor of the shopping center, which you can take photographs of (or pose with) without paying to enter the attraction itself. Inside, the statues consist of both real people (actors, athletes, singers, politicians, royalty, etc) and movie characters (Batman, Harry Potter, Freddy Kruger, etc). They even had some Thai celebrities, none of whom I knew, but the Thai girl I was with did.


Aside from the other nearby attractions listed above, there are many restaurants at the shopping center, which makes the attractions and lunch a good way to spend an afternoon with your Thai girl of choice.


Below are some pictures I took while there. I've hosted them on Photobucket rather than loading them directly onto P-A so those of you who need "clean fun" photos to show your family/friends upon arrival back in your home country can copy and paste them onto your computer minus the P-A watermark.











































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Could be a funny afternoon out I know LT have a reputation , from their Blackpool attraction, of having barely recognisable waxworks ... Judging by your pics they haven't improved for Pattaya :D

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If it floats, flies or fucks It's probably cheaper to rent ...

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It's something different I might try next week,might keep me out of the bars for a couple of hours.


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That's not a bad deal, five places for 1100 baht, good place to chill with your girl.


Part of the fun is how little these wax figures actually look like the real thing.


From the above pictures to me the only ones that actually resemble the real deal (outside of the costumed characters) is David Beckham and perhaps Michael Jackson

GFE: Gull Friend Experience


Official Pattaya Song

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For the multi-attraction pass, it would be awesome if you can see the see the attractions over a few days. Could bring several LTs over a few days.

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All part of the Ripley's "Believe it or not" set-up, and I thought, pretty good value for money. 1100 for all six (950 for a Thai) - you forgot the "Scream in the Dark" attraction. Iwon't spoil the fun by describing any of them, but a brief summary.


Waxworks - 6 / 10. Pretty unrecognisable, quite a few of them... but ok.

Scream in the Dark 9 / 10 - do NOT take a small child in as I stupidly did, it will give them nightmares. Excellent fun, ghoulishly bloody in the usual Thai fashion. Scares superstitious Thai girls to death.

Believe it or not museum. 8 / 10 - not much fun for kids, but if you've the time, well worth spending a good hour in there, looking at everything in detail. Some really fun exhibits too, which you realise too late are in fact taking the mickey out of visitors ;)...

4D Moving Theatre - 7 / 10 - it's all been done before, the hair-raising run down a mountainside on a snowboard, shooting up a death star, or whatever... but good fun, if rather short in duration.

Haunted Adventure - 7 / 10 - a ghost ride in cars during which you shoot up targets with your laser pistol. Fun.

Infinity Maze 8 / 10 - Liked this, interesting and different. Mirrors everywhere, including above and below.


There's a new one coming too, Ripley's Airline, no idea what that's about.


I suppose it's rather expensive, but I reckon worth it. Made a change from the usual pastimes...

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Haunted Adventure - 7 / 10 - a ghost ride in cars during which you shoot up targets with your laser pistol. Fun.

This must be new as there were only 5 a couple of years ago. I'm sure the one with the rope was called 'haunted adventure', or is that the 'scream in the dark' one?

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This must be new as there were only 5 a couple of years ago. I'm sure the one with the rope was called 'haunted adventure', or is that the 'scream in the dark' one?

It's a fairground-style ride, doesn't last that long, but mainly a shoot-em-up game, with record points scores posted for the day/month/all time outside the ride. Good fun.


Scream in the dark, don't remember a rope, you mostly wander around in the pitch black trying to find your way by feel, while monsters leap out at you in the dark, scream, etc.

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