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UK Visa for Thai GF


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Hello fellow addicts.


I have been a member on the Pattaya Addicts site for 2.5 years and it has been a fantastic source of information and a great reference point at the various stages of my Thailand education and development.


Firstly, a bit of background..........I live in the UK (Manchester) and i have been with my Thai Girlfriend for almost 3 years, She is 39 and I am 45 and we get along fantastically and I have been to Thailand more than half a dozen times and she has been to the uk once (on a six month visitors visa) and she returned within the 6 months.


My lady went back to BKK in June and i went to see her again last month for 3 weeks (7th trip to LOS) and im going again at Christmas.


I am starting this thread to try and get the up to date picture on UK Visa's and what is required for my own situation.....


In December we could apply for another 6 month Tourist Visa but we both want to spend longer together if this is possible? The only complication we have is that i am technically still married........I have not been with the ex for years but we never got divorced as we both had no intention of meeting anyone else.


I have started divorce proceedings but now the ex knows im with someone else she is causing me lots of problems and is trying her best to delay things and hold me to Ransom etc. (Thats another story altogether)


I am simply looking for general advice on which is the best long term visa type to go for without getting married or where the best place is to get the basic info to help my situation.


I have a good job, earn good money, own a detached house etc.


My lady also speaks very good English as she has been doing classes for the last year or so and her visit to the uk this year has improved her to the point where she would easily pass any test.


There must be someone on this site who has experienced the visa process beyond the basic tourist visa?


Can we apply for a fiancée visa whilst im in the middle of my divorce? I might not be fully divorced by December and wanted to ask this question so i don't head down the wrong road?


The worst case scenario, we will simply apply for another 6 month visitor visa, but if anyone has experience of a similar situation your advice or guidance would be very much appreciated.


I was thinking about phoning the Thai consulate in Hull and having a chat with them but before i do this i thought it was worth posting here to see if anyone knows the score?


If i have missed a recent thread which covers this scenario please post a link on here, but i have read the board on Visa's and everything seems a little out of date or covers different issues?


Also, if any Newbies reading this want the benefit of my experience on the visitor visa application process feel free to PM me and i will happy answer any questions.


Look forward to hearing from someone who knows the uk Visa system inside out so i can get the information i need.







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