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I want to learn thai in bang saen or at least get intense lessons at wknd in pattaya


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Can somebody please reccomend a teacher to give me lessons in thai?


My goal is fluency plain and simple ,I am highly motivated and feel there is only so far i can go on my own (its not that far...just pidgin)...I thought i was doin ok but my tones are all over the place and i am determined.


If there are no recommendations on a teacher I could get maybe 2-3 times a week then i would interested in finding some one available for 2-3 hours on a saturday in pattaya for intense practice/learning.


Ideally would like somebody with plenty of experience and could provide written materials and/or audios and has a structured course that they could give me an overview of. I am open to negotiating prices.


I will study with a falang as a last resort, I am also willing to split the price with anyone else looking for something similar.


Many thanks!



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Hi Groid,


good to see you here too. :)


I can write a bit more freely here than on the other forum.


I've studied or visited 4 schools in Pattaya and none of them have audio courses except for the one who uses Becker's books as the curriculum. The commercial books are much better than what I've seen at the schools. My advice would be to buy them, learn to read Thai as soon as possible, and use a Thai tutor or teacher to practice the tones. If you feel like you have to go to a school for motivation then Pro Language is the best school in Pattaya according to most people.


The key for me was finding a bargirl who couldn't speak any English and worked at a bar with very few customers so she was happy to sit and speak Thai with me for a few hours per week. Back then I wanted to speak Thai with the girls but they would always switch to English. After a few months of talking with her and studying on my own my Thai became better than most bargirls' English so they preferred to speak Thai. Once I crossed that threshold then I was able to get a lot more practice.


Good luck and I'd be happy to answer any questions or give my recommendations on any materials if you're interested.

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Thank you very much for your reply kikenjoy.


I have found somebody who has agreed to provide a lesson a week, which is better than none!, so far i have had 2 and enjoyed the, immensely, it really helps that i am learning thai for my own enjoyment and not because i have to.


I would be very happy for you to make recommendations on materials!


Many thanks!

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