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gram negative bacilli


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looking for some advice guys ,,one of my balls started to get sore so of i went to the clinic for a check up ,,,once there i got a clean bill of health for all std,s but the doctor explained to me that i had (gram negative bacilli 1+)...i was given a coarse of anti biotics for a week and told to stay of the drink ,,has anyone ever had this or have they got any explaination as to what it is !!!!!!i just checked google but it was all too medical for me to understand ....thanks for any replys

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now that's a quality first post!!!

tell us how u got it and we can look at immediately moving u to advanced... LOL

instead of JockRock...maybe new name CrotchRot! Just kiddin man...Good Luck with that and keep your pecker in your pants.

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The fecker told me it was something that could be picked up by anyone and it was an (enviroment)thing!!!!!!?I passed the gonorrhea test.......looks like it's back to the clinic I go!!!How do you think I got it jimmyjam!!!!!I have worn rubbers when snagging so it must be from a blowjob... so advanced here I come...cheers for the posts guys as I trusted the little crap doctor!!!

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My guess is was a Shit Dic.


So where dies that leave you ? Well it could be nothing more than a bit of Ballbag swing. As it is Hot and you Fuckin the old sack with the Nuts inside take a bit of pounding which can give symptoms you said. It can also occur when handled a bit rough by TG so you won't notice at first.


Next check what Meds you on then Google what they are used for.


Lastly get Second opinion but DO NOT say you already seen a Quack,


NB see the same Doc the BG visit will get a stamped book saying you clear and all ok 555555

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The quack did say that it was to much pounding and I laughed as I do go at it like a demented rabbit!!!tommorrow morning I am of to hospital to get a second diagnosis with a demand that I get injected up to the hilt with a double dose!!!20 years of humping in Thailand and it looks like I have got my first STD....not a happy camper as I am sitting at home twiddling my fingers instead of romping away...cheers again for your posts

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