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funny things that happend to you in pattaya


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hi guys.


i thought to myself, why not open a thred where we can share funny things happend to us in pattaya. ill start:


on my last night in pattaya i was in a bhat taxy on beach road with a lovly bg when 3 guys from my country came on the cab and started to talk to us. after a few sentences thy asked me "where can we find girls in here". i dont know why, but it made me LOL so hard. i looked at them to see if thy are serious and when i saw thy are i just replay "just look around you, thy are everywhere" and thought to myself that this qustion is like going into a candy shop and asking "where can i find chocolate".


i have a few morere, but i want you to share some of yours first :wink:

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Hey guy. How is it going. Hope all is well with you this evening. On my last trip I was sitting at a coffee shop relaxing and I observed a working girl on beach road take at least five guys for short time within the span of one hour or less. I was sitting with a friend of mines and we couldnt stop smiling and then laughing about the whole thing. She was taking both young and old and those in between. Smile. She was a really good looking girl as well. So, and what is really funny, we both got curious and decided to take her back to my apartment and do her. Smile. Guess what??? She was damn good. Only in Pattaya. Amante

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I pulled out on second Rd. A pick up full of Thai guy's were seated like on a b bus, except one who was laying on the floor with his head out the back. It was a red light at P K so i pulled up next to them. They were all avoiding looking at me, until the guy with his head sticking out puked again. I started laughing, then they all started laughing.

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good to see you sharing!


one day i was at a restaurant when suddenly i saw a tourist girl try to get the waitress attention. when she failed she start calling "excuse YOU, excuse YOU" several times. made me laugh...

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