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A must do "Bucket list" in Pattaya


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Ok Im heading to Pattaya with 2 of my best mates in September for my 40th birthday


We spending 3 weeks there, so we gotta alot time to see alot shit


We all been there before but I am sure must be stuff we aint seen and done, plus been 4 years since last visit so things may have changed


I got a few things already on the list


1. Devils Den, thats my birthday present :HappyBDay2:

2. getting my 1st tattoo, any suggestions on a good tattoo place is welcomed :D

3. Soi 6 , think be heading down this road atleast once a day , had some fond memories from my last visit

4. soapy massage, again whats best spot at the current time with some nice hotties?

5. pigging out some good spots - Robins nest - Beefeater etc

6. wanna learn cook some good thai food, so on the look out for a good thai cooking class while I am there

7. Charter a boat, either fishing or rooting, or both :P , any good charters ya can suggest?


Please feel free to add to my list, like i said, we got 3 weeks and wanna do and see as much as we can.


money aint an object, we all cashed up and ready for fun, so anything go's

Fear and Loathing in Pattaya

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I think you've got it covered. My guess is cooking lessons, and charter boat will not happen. Don't make too many plans just roll with it.


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For boat charter, try this other forum thread My link which has some info. For Cooking classes, iread somewhere that you can get this in Chaing Mai, which would also give you a nice break in the mountains/jungle.

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Hi soi,


Have a great 40th - young bastard :P


My first trip to LOS last October so many more will give more experienced advise

My 4th trip end of this month LOL


Things I'd add to bucket list


Ban Chang bar crawl advertised on these boards - had many great experiences

darkside bar crawl as above

gogo bar crawl on wednesdays with hammer from cherry bar

any bar crawl with hammer from cherry bar

friday addicts meet up

Heard Secrets on a sunday afternoon is good - on my bucket list

all good social stuff

but Soi6 many times cant do it in a day - i've tried many times im sure you know

if you doing Devils Den make a day of it - many gogo's in LK area


soapy massage - sabia dee - been many times and never dissapointed - I should try somewhere else myself


I cook thai myself from scratch b4 I went to Thialand - book and a video - think i can compete with a restuarant - wouldn't do a hot kitchen and miss a few days of fun but as they say up to you.


Boat - Ive read good things about Admiral Ken - still on my bucket list ( think he advertises on this board)


I had many great meals in patts but I heard thier is a great seafood place way way up jomtian beach - on my bucket list


When I exuasted myself - ferry to koh larn to beach to watch sexy russian bottoms was ok 60 baht for ferry


as thier are 3 of you Secrets has a 3 room villa with private pool - might be fun for a night or two :-)


and dont forget to hire a jetski from outside central plaza :NoNo3:




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Thanks Shambley for the advice on the bar crawls, will definitely give one or two of them a go.


The Secrets website seems interesting aswell, sure to check that out aswell while im there




Soi Filth

Fear and Loathing in Pattaya

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Mate, you're gonna have a ball. Bucket list vibes is the only way.


I organised a stag night of dreams for one of my mates in 09. Several newbies were present too.


After we'd (reluctantly for some) did most of what is suggested above in the first few days, we did a Go Kart tournament at Bali Hai track. Was nothing at first, but ended up being a brilliant night out once trophys, photos and ego's were concerned. Few more drinks, girls arrived, more races.

We then left and pretty much ST'd everything in sight on Walking Street afterwards, Stag had now officially begun!


Starving, we went to Lobster Pot on Walking Street and ordered every single item we would never usually eat (clams, shells, oysters, octopus etc) and eat like kings overlooking the Pattaya bay.


Next day we rented a speed boat and went to the next island off Koh Larn (not sure which), but it was literally an open village shooting range. Got to play with some hayooge weaponry. Target practice on watermelons with a huge shotgun, rifles etc. Magnums, semi's, Colts. We were soooo pumped when we left.


The testostrone on the boat was so much, we could have rowed ourselves back to Patts with our genital woodage.


We promptly showered, downed 2 bottles of Jaegameiser, and literally tore up everything in sight (she or s'him) on Soi 6 that night!


One of the best nights of my life ever! Bucket List is the one! One life to live fellas!

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This thread reminds me of a conversation I had with my best mate when he was considering making his first trip to LOS (which was later nicked by his wife...). I asked him what one or two things he would like to do while on the trip.


He said, "Just once I'd like to have one lady giving me a BJ while another one was sitting on my face." My response was "No problem.... what do you want to do after lunch?"


My suggestion is to pass on the cooking class. I'd consider staying in a condo and find myself a cute MILF defined in Pattaya as a Beer Bar lady over the age of 30 and have her give you a private lesson in your room.


And I wouldn't bother with a fishing trip... just head down to the pier and catch a boat ride to one of the islands... cheap fun day trip with your barfine.

Men lose a lot of money chasing women, but seldom lose women while chasing money.

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So cash is not a problem eh? Good. I've got some ideas.


1. Gogo hopping, but barfine 1 girl you like and tell her you want to barfine 1 girl from each gogo and have wild sex with 4-6 girls at same time. And all must participate. Their incentive to perform will be 3000 baht Long Time each.


2. You and buddies close down a gogo, say Babydolls for instance, buy them out for the night and party like rockstars. Get buck naked and go with the flow whatever happens after that.


3. Barfine a total of 15 gogo girls and take them all out to bowling for the night. Followed up with lots of drinking and tequila shots. All must throw back the shots. No one leaves sober. Followed up with hot wild orgy in a 3 bedroom villa between all of you. Fall asleep on the floor between naked bodies.


4. Go to Kinnaree and reserve their VIP room that has 4 large beds pushed together. Short time 9 of their best girls at same time, lay out 8 pillows in a circle and play musical chairs. The girl who doesn't get a pillow must fuck or suck you in the middle of the circle.


5. Take any large number of these girls you have played with out to a disco where you will be the envy of all farang. When thai girl go to disco they dress up in short skirts and slutty dresses. Buy bottles of booze and any girl that leaves your company is cut off the payroll.

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4. Go to Kinnaree and reserve their VIP room that has 4 large beds pushed together. Short time 9 of their best girls at same time, lay out 8 pillows in a circle and play musical chairs. The girl who doesn't get a pillow must fuck or suck you in the middle of the circle.



Now this sounds interesting :GrinNod1:


My mates who are travelling with me already said they are buying me atleast 4 short time girls for one session on my 40th Birthday :Birthday: , guess i could chip in the rest for the other five

Fear and Loathing in Pattaya

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