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I used Ambien this trip for the first time. I thought it was a wonder drug. I slept most of the way over. The trip went fast, I was in Patts before I knew it.


BUT...... I was looking through the photos on my camera and was surprised to find a bunch of photos from the flight. Flight attendants. Passengers, the AVOD, etc.

The problem is I don't remember taking the camera out of the carry on. I have no recognition of taking the photos.


The more I thought about it, I don't remember changing planes in Seoul. Obviously I did, or I wouldn't have made it to BKK, but no recollection of it.


It's a little scary to have a day long gap in my memory. I hope I didn't act like an ass to anybody. Not sure I will be taking this stuff again.


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Thats some pretty scary shit. Your lucky you only found you had taken a few photos, could have been worse you could have woken up in a foreign jail cell and not knowing what you did to get put in there.


I'll be sure to stay away from that stuff, thanks for the heads up. By the way were you drinking anything before you had them?




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I had to look up Ambien as I didn't recognise the name of the drug - it's called Stilnox here in Aussie.


Looks like you're one of the unfortunate few that copped one of the side-effects, one of which is sleepwalking. I wouldn't be too concerned that you've misbehaved, as your personality is not likely to have changed whilst you were wandering around but technically still partially asleep. Obviously for you, not a drug to use again. It's a very widely used medication here and most people don't have problems with it, but not everyone reacts in the same way to any given medication.


I work in a Psych Hospital BTW, just in case you were wondering if my comments have any validityGoldenSmile1.gif.





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I have used stilnox in the past with no ill-effects. I got a solid 8 hour sleep between Singapore and London one time.

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