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Anbody know where to get a meat slicer in Pattaya?


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Hello all! Anybody know of someone selling these in Pattaya? I would prefer second hand but new is good as well. Please PM me if you know of anybody or place that has a good quality meat slicer for sale or you have have one. Thanks

Tequila Reef Cantina Bar and Restaurant
Established 2001
Soi 7 Pattaya Beach Road
Tel:(038) 414-035

Pattaya: Tequila Reef Pattaya Restaurant




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I believe makro sells them...I am sure they sell commercial restaurant equipment. It is not the quality of hobart. It is a lot cheaper also...

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A man walked in to his local butcher to find his regular butcher John absent so he asks the manager "Where's John?" The manager tells the man that John was fired because he was found sticking his dick in the meat slicer" Then the man asked "Where is the meat slicer now?" The butcher then replied "I fired her too."



Sorry, couldn't resist!:GoldenSmile1:



There are only two types of people in the world, those who can extrapolate from incomplete data......

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I believe makro sells them...I am sure they sell commercial restaurant equipment. It is not the quality of hobart. It is a lot cheaper also...


Yes Macro have them. I saw them last week in there (not sure on the price though). There is a place on 3rd Road that sells all stainless steel things for kitchens (the name is something like Jw stainless I think). It's near where Soi Khopai and 3rd Rd meet.

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Just marry a TG and cheat on her and let her catch you. Then you'll see some meat slicing. :)

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apparently in Thailand the meat slicer has a different name.


Bangkok Haircut


Not what you might think, the Bangkok Haircut is the name given to a trend at which Thailand is a World leader, and that trend is cutting off penises. I guess it's not just a Thai thing because the most famous case of penis severing happened in the U.S.A. when John Wayne Bobbit had his penis cut off by his wife Lorena, her reason for cutting off his penis was years of mental and physical abuse. John Wayne Bobbit had his penis successfully reattached and went on to star in porn movies. Thailand though, leads the way in penis severing, there are more penises cut off in Thailand than in any other country.

Why do they sever so many penises in Thailand

Thai men are famous for their infidelity, it is not uncommon for a Thai man to have 2 or more Girlfriends at the same time. Many married Thai men have a Mia Noi or even 2 Mia Nois, just depends how wealthy he is, a Mia Noi is basically a second wife or 'minor wife', depending on the mans wealth he will keep her in a place of her own and pay for her needs. Polygamy was made illegal in Thailand in 1935 but that has failed to stop most Thai men from having a second wife and Girlfriends. It is still largely accepted in Thailand today that a man has a second wife or girlfriend. Counteracting this, it is illegal so women don't have to tolerate this no more and may feel that they are entitled to exact their revenge, women seem to have a much higher footing in Thailand than they did years ago, and with that may come some self respect and dignity. Face, or loss of face probably plays a part as well, maybe women feel that their husband cheating on them is a bigger loss of face now than it was.


But there is good news too


Any benefits from these severed penises.

Not if you happen to have your penis severed but Thailand apart from having the highest number of penises cut off can also boast the best successful penis re-attachment rate, Thai Doctors are now so skilled that even if the penis is lost or too much time has elapsed for reattachment they can model a new penis from arteries and skin tissue.


What if I have my penis chopped off.

The first thing is obviously stem the bleeding, second thing is find the penis, in Thailand after cutting off their husbands penis, many women have been known to flush it down the toilet, feed it to ducks, feed it to the dog, throw it in the bin or even chop it up. On finding it put it in a plastic bag and place it in ice, then get to hospital as fast as you can.


And lastly this article comes with some very practical advice.


How can I avoid losing my member.

  1. Have a limited membership
  2. Don't allow intimacy in the kitchen
  3. Remove all knifes from the kitchen
  4. Have the kitchen removed
  5. Don't let the wife give you a trim
  6. Have the member armour plated



Article from Pattaya Unlimited July 2010

There are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts.



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