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Need some Phuket tips and some Pattaya brotherhood love

Bitch Controller

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A couple of my homeboys are heading over to LOS without consulting me, bitches, and are staying in Phuket for 7 days and BKK for another 4.


The BKK trip can be averted with a Pattaya trip, but the Phuket one cant.


Any tips on decent bars, clubs, go go's I can point them too?


Also, can some of you brothers in town now, take my boys in when and if they hit Patts and show them "the vital" spots, thats a call out to you Tomski, Dimples, Dirty and gang.....


Please let me know, much obliged.



I don't buy out the bar, I buy the nightspot.

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Patong beach is really nice. You can find action at Bangla (I think that's how it is spelled) road their is a bunch of beer bars and gogo bars. Phuket is neat to see. 7 days is kinda long though. Prices are higher the Patts as well.

2 in the pink, 1 in the stink

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Sup Bitch Controller


I'm in Pattaya til 20th August, tell em to hola at me, I'll PM my mobile number (changed since seen u)


Phuket has some kind of P4P in all resorts, depends where they are staying?

Prolly it's Patong which is the main scene along Soi Bangla, a mini Walking Street, the small soi's off Bangla & the beach road.

Not many's go-go's, few ok clubs whose names currently escape me apart from Tiger which i think is pretty lame.. mostly beer bar scene. Summary of Phuket, expensive but also a vacation destination, if you're awake in the day time there's enough to keep most people happy. I have been there over 20 times but since finding Pattaya, i wouldnt go back to Phuket to monger..


Cheers mate, Dirty

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Do your self a favor stay in pattaya. phukets not that good . been there for nearly a month on and off. some discos are free to get in but beer 170 baht a botle , normanl bars are any were from 70 baht to 100,and the musics not that good, pattaya is better in every respect better bars better night clubs and more to do, belive me pattaya leaves the ladys standing for looks.

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I would tell them to go to pattaya first and Phuket will just become a memory that never happened

I lost the Great Shopper "Joe"

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Patong Beach, Bangala road is where it's at.




Website has good general info, except when your on Bangala Road, starting from the Beach end going down all the sois are on the left, it's like:


Soi Easy:


As mentioned, Aussie Bar is a 2 story open beer bar with 2 pool tables, one upstairs and one downstairs, being an aussie, I can't fucking stand this place, but it is good. Quite a few freelances drift through here, at least 10-15 clever "long ballers" now that I think about it, I was introduced to a lot of them by a lady whos now in Laos. That's on the left hand side entrance, there's a school girl setup bar on the right, may or may not be there, was struggling, you'll see in the pictures it has stairs, well the real soi is behind those stairs, the usual run of the mill beer bars and a ten pin bowling place, don't ask. Upstairs is the Dragon Club, it's like a mini Angel Witch I'd say, the shows are for the most part organised, with dancing girls in between, there's a short time hotel out the back here, it's only 400 but they'll always ask for 600, and you don't have to pay the barfine if you short time them. Don't ask me how that works, but the three times(I think, was a long time ago) I used it, it was negoitated to 1500 short time and 400 for the room, so it was like LTing and shopping with a beer bar girl hahahah, but they did have some cuties working there. There was no nudity here, no where in Patong has nudity last time I checked, the shows consist of wax shows, the traditional dancing shows, mock lesbian and bath shows, although they have probably changed, the girls mostly use stars, and the normal dancers have bikinis. I'd recommend visiting the place once, the drinks wern't too expensive off memory but are the most expensive drinks around. There's also pool tables outside, but there was construction work being done last time I checked, they used to have about 10 tables and a small bar outside, and an obvious entrance to inside the club, but the last time I was meet with a wall and followed it around, past three tables to the entrance, so it may be more developed now. Defintely check that place out once.


Soi Gonzo:


As the site says, beer bars, and dancing podiums littered around, as most sois do. Nothing out of the ordinary here, drinks are as cheap as they get in Patong, although they don't charge any less then anywhere else, for the record, beers were usually 80-100, and spirits 120-150, depending on where you were drinking. May be cheaper now, I'm not too sure, as most places are so quiet you usually drink with the owners who shout you every other round so it's not as bad as it sounds, unless you wanna get tucked away and have your own private party.


Soi Crocodile:


Or, Soi Katoey, as most people know it has, in the middle has a big dancing podium where the Katoeys shake their stuff all night long, and all the tourists sit around opposite the soi in bangalas other bars and point and be amazed from a distance, to be honest, you'll find just as many katoeys on Bangala road, as you will in Soi Crocodile and Ka Toys R Us, so yeah, make of that what you will. It's not all Katoeys tho, just the first 2-3 bars in on both sides have lax or complete recruiting standards for them, not bad for a drink with a new guy to see if he picks up on what he's looking at, at the back of the soi is the usual beer bars, but now there is a D Club there, you'll see the signs all around the place. I've only been there once after drinking at an infameous bar down Seadragon with the owner, and I was smashed. I remember it being a two story setup, it was kinda cramped with no one in there, it had a fairly ridgid setup, with tables and couches on the second floor, and smaller stage and dancing podiums downstairs. I'd check it out, I remember it being clean and nice, just had no one there when I went because all the bars were still open and it had only been open for a day.


Soi Seadragon:


Not quite as "lined" with Go Go bars as the site says, but it's the only soi with them on Bangala, not counting Dragon. There's also three live band bars here, most start at 9pm-10pm, vary in skill, all sound great when plastered. The middle of the soi is all bars, they all look the same but after a while you can tell the ones where they keep the nutters in and the quieter ones. I do believe there is a D.J. booth here so they roughly all play the same music, but some bars don't use him, don't know how that works, but you will see a booth on the right hand side, the places of note here is really only Suzie Wongs, all the way down on the right. Has some decent shows, the mostly have those black foam whips to chase the girls around and whip them, also some full nudity shows here now sort of, the girls wore their stars but had no bottoms on, so it's hard to say really, they covered themselves for the most part, but opened bottles, inserted objects then collected tips. Last time I was here, there was one katoey who would steal the show every night, combine every gymnastic act you see in Angel Witch, and the Lust of the best lesbian shows in bangkok/pattaya, and that was her in a dancing nutshell. Apparently I was the first bloke all week to check if she was a LB, and it was a saturday........and she'd been very busy she assured me, she only just got back from 'work' in fact. Nice enough person, pity I couldn't take her to any clubs yet, more on that later.

There are still some quality bars here, some places are like a running nightclub, some have their nights, one place I went to was Sexy 9 bar, there's two of em, this one is half way down the soi, opposite a live band bar and the sailor bar, which has a tattoo joint up the top, altho last time I was there their star tattooist had left already, and wasn't coming back. Of course, no one would tell you that unless you asked. It's fairly cranking everynight, but the girls are on the pushy side, you have to meet the mamasan and owner of the bar to understand why, but they mean quite well, and they will for the most part look after you quite a lot, just beware the bar is popular and keep your heart to yourself, of the girls I know there, most need two hands to count the boyfriends they have. Still a great night out tho, and they can look after you later on as the night goes out, but most of the girls in Patong will, as it's a fairly quiet area compared to Bangkok/Pattaya.


Tiger Complex:


Between Happy Road and Seadragon, it's two parts. Upstairs is the nightclub, and downstairs is like a ....hard to explain, but a lot of lights, music, and bars. The most notable bar is Sharkys Bar on the outside so to say, and they all wear school girl uniforms, other then that, it's fairly packed, there's also at least one Katoey only bar down there, try and find it, it's in the middle there, the barstaff usually wear the "Yes, I really am a Girl" shirts. The rest of the bars vary in talent, most are decent, but people spoilt with Pattaya will overall find Patong a shit hole in terms of girls. Tiger club upstairs is a two story affair in itself, and is one of two clubs where the majority of girls went, this may have changed but I doubt it. It costs 400baht I believe to get in, don't walk in with your girl either. They girls get in for free, only farang pay, so if you already have a girl, tell her to go in first, otherwise you'll have to pay for her too, yeah, it's dodge. You get two drink coupons with that, there's a small "staging" area before you launch out into the main club, which is about Lucifer in size of the dance floor, usually packed every night, can be a cram to get in and find a nice spot, near the back in front of the stairs and the bar is the best place to feel the music, everything shakes there most nights, including your bones. I'll talk more on the clubs later.


Soi Vegas (Happy Road):


No idea where Soi Vegas came from, the signs all say Happy Road, between Seadragon and Happy road is a fair walk, and also the Tiger complex. Anway, it's mostly pool bar territory here, there's also a club upstairs half way down the soi, probably the most upmarket club here, Seduction, next to Ka Toys R Us, and down the road leads onto the middle of Soi Sukuhumvit(sp). Nothing of much interest here, the katoey bar does cabaret shows......I won't judge, I'll just say there's better, and don't walk down there alone like I have 2-3 times, it's like walking past cascade in NEP, you get raped everytime. A decent area for pool, they have a three story place just before this soi, you have to walk past the shop, I believe that place is called The Living Room, and down this soi they have The Lounge at the end, and The Lounge 2 on the left upstairs, 2nd floor, a little confusing but makes sense when you get there.



As far as the general info on clubs, most arn't worth going into until 2-2.30, when all the working girls finish. Next to all of the bars close at 2am, except the ones that pay the cops off, but 2am is the limit, so the clubs don't have shit until 2am. On that note, almost all the clubs close at 4am-5am, bar one(Maybe two), and they reject katoeys, I personally know of a few exceptions, I don't know how that happened, but you'd be hard pressed to find them, so don't fret. The girl I was with who's now not there, was like a fucking gangster bargirl, assured me there wasn't anymore then 5-10........ So as far as clubs go, you got:




This place is outside Bangala road, and away from the sleaze, I haven't been there for a while , I do know they check girls I.D., may or may not check you as well(Not I.D, frisk). I believe downstairs was a band type setup and upstairs was a club, I honestly can't remember anything about this place, just it was generally for tourists and not bar girls, you'll find freelancers here but not too many, and of a different league.


D Club:


In Soi Crocodile, was new when I went there, can't really judge it too much, as far as I know, they don't accept Katoeys like the rest of the clubs. I'd check it out at least once, it was clean, and had potential to be good. Pity about the scenery outside.




As discussed above, 400 baht entry I think, or it's around that figure, it gets you two drink coupons, and a stamp. Also outside they have a live band, it was fairly infrequent last time I was there or I was just too drunk to notice, it's probably the best one outside of Rock City, more on that later. Inside, it's two floors, easy enough layout, the lights are too bad, the music is fairly good, don't expect any great dancing songs tho, just the popular shit that makes girls want to fuck the first thing they see, which I don't complain about (You all know Umbrella, don't look at me like that). One of the two "Big" clubs here.




Down the end of Bangala, across the street, this bar is the reason for all those fluro eye sore F.B.I. Thailand shirts, look closely, it's Finest Bar In Thailand. This has a seedier look then Tiger, lightshows and irregular steps are guarnateed to annoy even the most hardened clubber, I must have fallen over at least once everytime I go there, even the girls do that go there every night, they filled in some of the holes near the stages at least, a more interesting crowd can be found here, although it does feel like the more desperate girls go here, might just be me, this is the second of the bigger bars.


Baya Beach:


Next door to Taipan, the freelancers/long ballers like this place a lot, and it has a more private party atmosphere, it's fairly nice, one dancing stage, big U shaped bar with everything going around it, it is small, but still packed past 2.30 most nights, decent talent here. Recommend to swing by it, as it's easy to walk in and out of on a talent scoop.




Not sure how old this place is, but I can't remember ever seeing it busy, I've been there three times, had one drink and gone, has a decent atmosphere, the girls just don't seem to come here, give it a look I guess.




This place is up the hill, have to get a tuktuk or a motorbike up there, but if you want to party past 4am, this place is where it's at, not sure when it opens but it's always busy by the time 4am rolls around, it's a pretty wierd place the first time you get there, but the club is all the way in the back, although you may want to just stay outside. It's an open bar sort of setup, well, it's like a ..... fucking hard to explain place, but it's a lot of fun, they have food, a club out the back, where it's really dark in the right corner and drugs may or may not be available to the right people. There no charge, and the talent is great, when this place closes at 4am, there's a joint to the right as you walk out, it should be white, that place goes on until about 10am, or when no one else is there, again, there can be talent there, and it's the only place that's open as far as I know. Don't think it has a name, although some girls have told me different names before.



As a special mention, there's plenty of other more normal places to check out around Patong, but one I really like is Rock City. It's along beach road, a fair way from Bangala, it's a live band bar but of great quality, well, the best I've heard in Thailand, with varying farang and thai singers. Most nights they do specials, buy a spirit, get a shot, buy one beer, get one free, they also have those terrible, terrible syringes available, for your drinking pleasure.


That's about all I could think about now, it's been a while and I just woke up, hope it's not too long and can be of some help to ya mates. Only places I'd really recommend seeing are Rock City, Dragon Club, Suzie Wongs, and the clubs, although there's gems in the rough out there, just no others off the top of my head. It's one of those places where it's what you make of it, not the other way around, like Pattaya where it's all been done for you and you just participate.

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There's some disco close to Bangla Rd. called FBI or something like that where you can pick up FL's, the girls on Bangla road are too hardcore for my taste.

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Thanks for the responses fella's, have passed on alot of the detail to the lads. I think they are stuck in Phuket, like I said, they didnt consult me before they booked. If they dont make Patts, they will on my next trip.

I don't buy out the bar, I buy the nightspot.

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You never Know some people might like Phuket. But they will learn from there mistakes. Pattaya all the way



i love Phuket, think its great, beautiful island and per person alot more prettier girls than patts

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I also like Phuket quite a bit. the beaches are great and a lot of activities/tours to do during the day, and it doesn't have to be much more expensvie than Patts for lodging and food w/ some research. the only downside IMO is that the Bangla BeerBar scene doesn't get going until 9PM with many hotter girls showing up until 10PM or later. the discos are often said to have the hottest girls, but they don't get going strong until after midnite/1AM.


plenty of info at phuket-info.com

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Pattaya rules while Phuket sucks!!!!!


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had a break from work and went to Phuket, stayed in bangla road Patong.

bangla road is a mini Walking Street, but more expensive. the gogos are shit and he girls are very expensive 2000+ st is very common. the gogos are a ripoff and have lame shows, but is possible to see pussy and milk. A good place to go to the beach and take your family if you have one. the nite life does not compare to pattaya.beer bars are expensive also.Discos are OK. A good place to unwind but not so good to unload. end of story.

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After my 4th trip to Phuket I got fucking bored and now I am coming to Pattaya in May and hanging out to get there.

My mate has just come back from his 2nd trip to Patts and he said there is no comparison between the two.Patts wins hands down and close to BKK.

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... girls are very expensive 2000+ st is very common.

You must have had newbie tattooed on your forehead ...

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I like Phuket. Lots of really nice beaches. Not bad for mongering either. The beer bars are jam packed with talent and lots to do during the day. Nice mix of mongering and tourism based around Bangala road. The other resorts have fun areas too. The next beach down has a 'night bazaar' with lots of cuties as well as an older beer bar area with a lot of nice out of the way places.


Worth exploring IMHO

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Phuket is a nice vacation spot, somewhere to take the wife, to get all the bad ideas that the press has installed into everyone. then off to Patts with the lads,,,, 10 days left till wheels up and cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have been in Phuket two times in holiday and it's not too bad place if you only wan't to chill out. Never been in pattaya but that's planned in my next trip. Looking forward all nice info about Pattaya I can dig out of this forum :GoldenSmile1:


I'd say you can go to Phuket if you travelling with family and wan't to be able to explore nightlife by yourself :P

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