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sunshine hotel and residence


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Hi everyone could someone who has stayed at the sunshine hotel and residence tell me weather there are room safes and weather there any good just trying to work out if i need to take extra security

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Was there on sept 09. Had safe in the residence (new wing).

However the "new wing" didn't look really new. Not so bad but I had a 1200b room that i would quote as 800b for the place.


They had a policy about joiners : no girl under 21yo. I don't know if they realy do it as most of my girls are 28+ but if you like 19yo girls, could be a problem.


However, use the search tool on the board, you'll find other reports about sunshine hotel

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Stayed there two or three times and never any problems and would recommend the place.


Yes they have room safes,


They are picky over letting anyone under 21 up to your room, but they have no problem how many/how often you bring girls/ladyboys back to your room.


If you have a girl that stays over and leaves early in the morning the reception usually phones to check that you are ok!


Oh and a great location for all the action on Soi 8 & 7 and about half way (and just about walkable) between Walking Street and Soi 6! :GoldenSmile1:


And, if you are worried about security of your money open a Thai bank account, the Kasikorn (Green K) Bank is quick and easy!

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I stayed at this hotel in april and had no problems taking ladies to my room, but you should know that there are some buliding activites there, so it can be some noise. Soi 7 and 8 are great for party!

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thanx lads thats put my mind at rest another Q for you how far away is devils den from this hotel :GoldenSmile1:



hop on a bike taxi and it should be about 40bht, just up to LK Metro just long enough for you to tease yourself about exactly what and how you are going to do.


Good luck



F1 rich

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Thanx lads thats put my mind at rest another Q for you how far away is devils den from this hotel


Don't bother about how far from DD you'll be as you won't spend your entire stay at DD !

As long as you're not in Chiang Mai or Bkk, you'll be there by a 3mn ride on a bahtbus...

The most important is not being in front of a place you'll visit 2 or 3 times (or even once a day).

It is just important to be centraly located and have a maximum of entertainment and facilities around you. Soi7&soi8 are just perfect for that.


You won't go wrong about location with sunshine hotel.

Check also Flipper house. Never been there but I've read some good report here


However, this is not answering your question : how far ? Well, exactly 1.03km (1030m) from sunshine hotel to DD !

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hello yes sunshine is one good hotel in on very very good place,i have chek befor for my first trip in pattaya in sunshine hotel soi 8 and i am very happy off this because in the night is very good for have fun,no have probleme of security i think is safe.

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I stayed there once and they wouldn't let me bring back three girls to my room no matter what. I can't remember if they charge extra for bringing two girls back to the room. they don't charge extra for bringing back just one. But three was a definite no no. I won't ever be staying there again.

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Always stay here as it good value for money and it close to central festival shopping complex a 2mins walk.Great breakfast buffet and Walking Street is a short baht bus trip away.Be staying there at the end august yet again.

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I stayed there once probably the old part. The ceiling was so low that my knuckles hit it a few times when taking off t-shirt. I moved down the Soi to Flipper lodge liked it better, also end of Soi easier in and out.

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This used to be my fav.. prices decent and you get what you paid for. Liked that some rooms (then) had inroom safe. Whenever I used the one in the reception I felt.. silly.. Pulling out a large wad of cash from that "paper bag" one of the girls in the reception became ever so friendly. Also, prefer inroom safe as you have easy access to your stash.


What kind of "extra security" are you talking about? The doors are made of papers and can easily be "opened" and the safes are normal

small safes. Guess you would get an ipad, camera, money and pass in there. But not a larger laptop.


The fact with 2 pools was awesome but last year they tore down one of the buildings so I picked Eastiny Plaza (just across Sunshine).


I would have preferred Sunshine, even their hard ID control. Picked up a rookie and her "mama san" for a double but they didn't let the 19yo in :( Bummer, had to do with the 29yo ;) ... At Eastiny - no problems, at least girl over 19 then they let her in.

I'd say they didn't really care about anything behind the desk.


Sunshine was perfect - very friendly staff, very decent pools. But I won't be back there until they are finished with their work. Last I heard was that the pool will be "covered" so no accidents happen and it won't be done until winter season?

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