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Longgggggg flight time


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I hate taking flight. It make me sick. I hate turbulances and feel confined during long hours drive me nuts ehehe I try to sleep using Gravol extra strengh combined with some alcohol so I can sleep about 8-10 hours strsight. But still, I live in Canada and I have to fly 21 hours, can you imagine. Toronto-Narita (13h45) then Narita-Bangkok (6h30)


If you guys have some good tips making this shorter by sleeping well I will take anything

Gravol is so so but I cant get something else if its not a prescription and most doctor dont want to give me ativan or stronger pills..

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I usually watch a few movies on my laptop, that helps me relax a bit. I've always bought some sleeping tablets when in Patts (Sorry dont recall the brand) I use them on the return trip as its always a night flight. This normally helps he sleep for 7-8 hours. Have you tried reading or watching movies? The only downside is when i wake up after taking a couple of sleeping pills i feel drowsy for a few hours afterwards, so not a good thing on the way to Patts but ok on the way home.




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I do 10-20 long haul (10 hour or more) a year, must on economy, and don't really find it that bad. If day flight or don't want to sleep I'll watch a movie,spend as long time possible eating, get up (I'll always get a aisle seat) and walk around maybe do a bit of talking, watch another movie etc. Always travel with my laptop and will catch up on mail and work.

On night flight I'll get me meal, drink some red wine and pop a sleeping pill and hopefully sleep 'till they serve breakfast.

Regardless, long haul is boring and the key to survival is active resignation, drink sufficient water and wait for the "welcome to Suvarnabhumi"

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yes I also bring my laptop but as for the movies, I will fly on a Boeing 777 wich have a personal tv screen and plenty of movies selection and music, that is good. I used to take gravol extra strengh but now I just bought something different called -Unisom- Will see how it work. Will add few small red wine bottle with few tablets and I hope to reach Narita, Japan just like a good night sleep.


Cheers !

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I did the Thai Airways JFK (New York)-BKK route once back when they still ran it. Something like eighteen and a half hours, I think it was... BUT no connections. At the time I believe it was the second longest commercial flight in the world, only Newark-Singapore was longer. Problem is, due to fuel prices, they weren't making any money. A flight that long needs to carry so much fuel weight that you burn a huge amount of fuel just to carry it around. Sort of like towing a gasoline trailer with your car... sure, you'll get good range, but your mileage and economy will suffer badly. I miss that run though, it was nice to take ONE flight and be there.

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