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Loosing or gaining weight in Thailand?


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I dont know about you guys, but every time I go there I eat a lot of food.

Some how I dont gain weight though....

Im 1.80cm, weight 84kg.


Last time I came home from my 3 weeks vacation I had lost 3.8kg :S

Fucking too much? I guess....

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I spend 6-7 weeks in SE Asia every summer and I lose 1 kg per week: healthier food, less appetite because of the heat, more physical exercice (lots of walking, swimming, cardio, shagging, etc.)

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After a 3.5 month trip I lost 22 pounds. First time I have been under 200 since high school.

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i always lose weight in Pattaya...unfortunately I would need to stay for a few years before it would be significant... :Cry4:


Truth is that in Pattaya I tend to graze rather than eat big meals ..There are so many food opportunities and I just can;t eat as much spicy food as I would like.


I also walk everywhere...beach road is best on foot and Walking Street obviously...


Sure I drink more beer but the heat seems to take care of those calories...


Only wish I could claim an active sex life but I kind of like letting the girls do most of the work :BJ3::23:

There are some that only employ words for the purpose of disguising their thoughts.



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Always come back lighter-especially in the wallet department.

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I gaining weight + 3 kg. I ate late night rost chicken and drink too much beers.Sometimes steak, sometimes crape with chocolate.

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Usually i loose weight about 3 kg.

I think the reason is because in thailand i eat only thai food and that is free of heavy fats.

No cheese, no butter and all the foods are made in vegetable oil.

And of course plenty of exercice.... I think you know what i mean :D

Vodka martini, please.

"Shaken or stirred,sir ??"

Do i look like i care ??

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I lost half a stone in 2 weeks ..Mostly in sweat i think..lol

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Believe the loss is dehydration lads, how stange it sounds with the shitload of beer every night, Just look a the scale when back home, back to normal in no time :Circle_Sharks:

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I keep the same weight when I come home, after 3 months Im back though... lol

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I was at my maximum weight of 163 lbs. prior to my first trip.


After one month I was down to 145 lbs.


When I got back home I joined the gym and sticked to eating salads for dinner.


After 8 months I am now weighing 135 lbs. BTW: I am 5 foot 7 inches.


Skinniest I have been since I was 16. Never felt better in my life. Thank you LOS.

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It's on my long list of reasons to move there. At the rate I lose weight there I should be at a fairly fit body fat ratio after about a year there.

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I am not very heavy (some would say underweight), weighing in at 68kg with a height of 1.81. Even with this weight I still lose a kilo or two when I am over there.

I find with the heat and the sex I am really very rarely hungry, and when I do go to a restaurant to force myself to eat, I usually cannot finish it. I am not

a big beer drinker either, for me sex (by far the main reason I am in Thailand) and alcohol just do not mix. I find the Thai girls drink much more than me, even

the skinny ones that I tend to go for.

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Loose weight: never really hungry under warm conditions, just drink water, coke zero... for most part of the trip plus the physical excercises ;-)

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I always gain weight if I'm there on holiday but have lost weight whenever I've lived there. I blame beer for the holiday gains. On my first trip in 1987 I lost weight but then I was on such a low budget that I spent a month on Koh Samui living on fruit from the local Market.


The truth is immortal but people who speak it aren't - Thai proverb

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The one trip I had a VVLT TGF I gained weight as she was a excellent falang food cook.

Other than that trip I usually lose 4-5 kilos per trip.

Better eating (thai food) and lots of boom-boom and walking.

My teerak said boom-boom is sexercise, 2 X a day :)

Improving one Issan girls cash flow , one cash grant at a time !

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I always lose a few pounds, don't work out much while I'm there and I don't eat as much out there, usually two meals a day, breakfast about 12-1pm than dinner around 6-7 . Factor in the heat and havin a case of the runs half the time.

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I would usually lose 1-2kg on every trip...its all that walking that i wouldn't do when back home....oh yeah,the shagging keeps me lean as well 555555555 :Grin3:

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I eat more and also exercise more when in Thailand.

I wish there was sexercise program I could do like that in Australia.

Generally I come home a little lighter but maybe that is just my wallet.

My Youtube Channel about everything Thailand - TravInThailand

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I think the motivation to do things while in Pattaya is far greater then all our home countries.

First time I was there, the first night even, I walked for 6 hours straight. In flip flops :Streaker1:


Second night I walked for 5 hours straight.

There is just so much/many to see!

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i ate lots of thai food and lost almost 10lbs


cardio+night action does the trick :)



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Last time i lost about 2-3 kilos,because eat not regular,eat diffrent sort of food not the same at home and drink to much alcohol.or maybe all kilos go down from depresing mood because (heaven) finish and need back again to normal life!! :(

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Been in Thailand 4 months, I am 178cms and when I arrived was a fat 91kgs now I am 81kgs, better diet and heaps of walking have worked wonders!

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