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Nintendo Wii for SALE


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I'm selling my Nintendo Wii (Japanese version + modchip WiiKey playing most copied games)

+ Cable Video & Audio YUV

+ HDD 320Gb with 60 Games

+ 50 DVD Games

+ 2 Wiimotes Controllers + 2 Nunchuk

+ 1 Guitar Hero (original one)


Price: 7000 THB


IMG_20110531_173515 (Medium).jpg

IMG_20110531_173526 (Medium).jpg

IMG_20110531_173534 (Medium).jpg

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About the game i have about 125 games but i think some never worked (less than 10)

I bought all of them at Tukcom between 70 and 80 THB ( about 8000 baht so...)


Games on the Hard Drive:

Game Name, Disc ID, Region, Size on WBFS (GB)

All Star Karate, SKTE78, NTSC, "1,61"

Army Party, SAYP41, PAL, "0,13"

Avatar, R5VX41, RF, "2,21"

Big Catch: Bass Fishing, RXPPGT, PAL, "1,38"

Big League Sports: Summer, RY5E52, NTSC, "0,95"

BOOM BLOX Bash Party, RYBE69, NTSC, "1,13"

Crazy Machines, SCZPFR, PAL, "0,09"


Disney Epic Mickey, SEMP4Q, PAL, "3,73"

DONKEY KONG Jungle BEAT WII, R49E01, NTSC, "0,80"

Dragon Blade Wrath of Fire, RDWEG9, NTSC, "2,18"

Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, R9DE78, NTSC, "0,67"

Free Running, RU6PHY, PAL, "0,84"

Go Play Lumberjacks, RJXE5G, NTSC, "0,29"

Just Dance, SDNP41, PAL, "3,97"

Just Dance 2, SD2P41, PAL, "3,03"

Kart Racer, RIIPNG, PAL, "0,36"

Let'sTAP, R2UP8P, PAL, "0,39"

MadWorld, RZZE8P, NTSC, "3,41"

MarioKartWii, RMCP01, PAL, "2,60"

MarioTennisGC(Wii Version), RMAP01, PAL, "1,46"


Movie Games, RVQE41, NTSC, "0,47"

My Sims Racing, RQGE69, NTSC, "1,53"

NARUTO: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, RNEEDA, NTSC, "3,20"

NBA JAM, SNJP69, PAL, "3,73"

Need For Speed Nitro, R7XP69, PAL, "1,87"

New SUPER MARIO BROS. Wii, SMNP01, PAL, "0,37"

Petanque Pro, R7TFJW, PAL, "0,12"

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, SUXEA4, NTSC, "4,09"

PurrPals, RPVPKM, PAL, "1,09"

Puzzler COLLECTION, RPCX7J, RF, "0,18"

Raving Rabbids - Travel in time, SR4P41, PAL, "2,43"

Resident Evil, RE4E08, NTSC, "3,57"


Resident Evil Zero, RBHE08, NTSC, "3,54"

Rune Factory :Frontier, RUFP99, PAL, "2,80"

Scrabble Wii, RVHP41, PAL, "0,23"

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, R5WEA4, NTSC, "3,61"

Sin and Punishment 2, R2VP01, PAL, "0,96"

Skate It, RVSP69, PAL, "3,38"

Sonic2010, SNCP8P, PAL, "3,70"

Summer Athletics 2009, R9MPFR, PAL, "5,58"


Super Smash Bros. Brawl, RSBE01, NTSC, "6,95"


Tetris Party Deluxe, STEETR, NTSC, "0,07"

The Godfather® Blackhand Edition, RGFE69, NTSC, "3,06"

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2010, R9OE69, NTSC, "3,33"

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent, RTCE41, NTSC, "1,90"

Tomb Raider: Underworld, RH8E4F, NTSC, "3,18"

Virtua Tennis 2009, RVUE8P, NTSC, "3,37"

WarioWare: Smooth Moves, RODE01, NTSC, "3,27"

WiiSports Resort P2 JP(P), RZTJ01, NTSC-J, "0,60"

WinterSports 2010, RZIPRT, PAL, "3,82"

WWE Smackdown! vs. RAW 2009, RW9X78, RF, "3,91"

Xmen Origins: Wolverine, RWUE52, NTSC, "3,43"

Yamaha Supercross, RYXE20, NTSC, "0,23"

Zumba, SZ5E5G, NTSC, "2,80"


And list of DVD:

DragonBall Revenge of King Piccolo

Wii Music


Super Mario Galaxy

Crazy Machines

Movie Games

The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge


Final Fantasy Lost Chronicles EChoes of Time

Sonic Sega All Stars Racing

Sonic Riders

Minon Everyday Hero

The Beatles Rock Band


Guitar Hero Metallica

The King Of Fighter Collection

Bomberman Blast

Punch OUT

Naruto III

Target Terror

Marble Saga kororinda

The house of the dead overkill

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Family Party 30 games

Mini Ninja

A boy and the blob

Bash Party

Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers

Guitar Hero 5

Blast Works

Toy Story Mania

Donkey Kong Junglebeat

No More Heroes 2


The house of the dead

Guitar Hero World Tour

Solitaire & Mahjong


Ghost Squad

Monkey Mischief

Dead Space extraction

No more heroes 1

Super Mario Bros Wii

Arcade Shooting Gallery

Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Guitar Hero Smash Hits

Sonic & Mario olympics winter games

Facebreaker KO Party

CAbelas Big Game Hunter 2010


Prince of persia rival swords



Crash mind over mutant

Guitar Hero 3

Paint Party

Blog en français sur Pattaya

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