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Massive quake unleashes tsunami on Japan


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Japan tsunami won’t hit Thailand

The 8.8-magnitute earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan today will not have any impact on Thailand, Somsak Kaosuwon, director of the Natural Disaster Warning Centre, confirmed on Friday afternoon.


Published: 11/03/2011 at 03:15 PM

Newspaper section: breakingnews

“We have monitored the strong earthquake since it first hit Japan about noon. There will be no affect on Thailand and Thai people should not panic,” Col Somsak said.


Thani Thongphakdi, director-general of the Information Department at Foreign Ministry, said there are about 50,000 Thais in Japan. About 300 of them are living in the coastal area of Miyagi, near the earthquake's centre, on the main island of Honshu.


“The Thai embassy in Japan is now coordinating with the Thai community in Miyagi to see if they are all right and what assistance they need,” Mr Thani said.



Massive quake unleashes tsunami on Japan

A massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit Japan on Friday, unleashing a monster 10-metre high tsunami that sent ships crashing into the shore and carried cars through the streets of coastal towns.



• Japan hit by vast 8.8 magnitude earthquake, 30ft tsunami

• At least 26 dead, dozens injured

• 1000 times more powerful than Christchurch quake

• Tsunami fears for entire Pacific, US west coast, Hawaii, Alaska




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However, it has shut down Narita and Narita is shut down indef. right now.


Could be problems for people coming to visit or leaving through Japan.


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That's wild, I felt a disturbance in the force this morning when Wikipedia wouldn't come up, I checked yahoo and saw the headlines and pictures of ships laying in the streets. The net has been acting weird all morning. I wonder if it didn't sever some undersea cables or something.


Markets are expected to open down this morning, wonder if this will have a negative effect on Asian currencies...


I know, I know, I'm a horrible person for thinking that, sorry couldn't help it.

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I got family members asking me not to go to thailand next week now, should i take any notice?



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All pretty scary stuff at the moment, volcanoes going active, tectonic plates shifting causing earthquakes and tsunamis, poor old planet Earth is doing some serious stress-relief at the moment. You have to feel for the people (and wildlife) caught up in these events, thank your Gods that in moments like this all the cross-cultural issues tend to be thrown aside and every Nation responds in support.


Looking at what jcp said about the markets, there is a knock-on effect for everyone from a series of natural disasters like this, and the Asia region is certainly suffering at the moment. The cost of rescue efforts, the damage caused, the rebuilding of industry and infrastructure. It all places a strain on the local economy, which is already struggling to recover from the aftermath of the GFC. Although it's not the first thought that pops into your head at moments like this, I think most people would have some worries about how their own economy can be impacted by a disaster hitting a neighbouring country.


Certainly Australia and New Zealand have taken quite a battering recently, and we locals are well aware that the financial aftermath is going to be felt by all of us, not just in the form of increased prices on some items in the short term, but in increased rates of taxation to cover the costs of rebuilding. Globally this also effects the value of our currency, which has its own financial implications.


We're living in somewhat uncertain times right now, let's all hope things settle down and life returns to normal, and let your thoughts linger quietly for a moment on those who were lost in the recent events.









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so sad just to many deaths


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Thailand stands ready to help Japan mitigate the effects of the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on 11 March 2011.


Following the incident, the Thai government announced an initial contribution of five million baht to assist relief efforts in Japan. Further assistance is being considered in close consultation with Japanese authorities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened a savings account at the Krung Thai Bank, Sam Yod branch, Account No. 002-0-271-468, to receive donation to help quake victims.


The Ministry of Public Health has prepared a few medical teams to be sent to Japan immediately if requested. As for preparations in vulnerable areas in Thailand, the Ministry is monitoring the situation closely with the National Disaster Warning Center to ensure that medical services will reach affected people in case of emergency.


An Emergency Coordination Center has been set up at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok to monitor the situation and coordinate assistance for Thai nationals in Japan. The Ministry is also in the process of verifying the status of Thai nationals living in affected areas.


There are about 50,000 Thais residing in Japan, and out of this number, 300 live in Miyagi Prefecture, the area most severely affected by the earthquake and the resulting tsunami. A number of the Thai people in Miyagi are students; many of them are married to Japanese nationals.


In Tokyo, which was also affected by the earthquake, there are between 20,000 and 30,000 Thais. The Royal Thai Embassy in Tokyo is coordinating with Thai nationals in both Miyagi Prefecture and Tokyo to verify whether they have been affected or if any assistance is required. Thais who cannot contact their relatives in Japan may call the Protection of Thai Nationals Abroad Division, Department of Consular Affairs, for further assistance at tel. 02-575-1046-9 (during office hours) and at 02-643-5000 (outside office hours).


Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has sent a message of condolences to Japanese Prime Minister Takeaki Matsumoto, and Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya has sent another message to his Japanese counterpart, offering his sympathy and condolences to those who have lost property and loved ones in the aftermath of these natural disasters.

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