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Deep Vein Thrombosis


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One of my friends tried this on a flight from Europe to LOS. It was really not a good start on the vacation :ThumbDown1:

You have to be very careful indeed during the flight: Don't take sleeping pills, walk around now and then, drink a lot of water, and avoid to much alcohol. You can always get pissed in Pattaya..

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I always get aisle seats for the long leg of the trip and make sure to stand up and move around regularly.

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I always get an aisle seat as well as I don't have to worry about disturbing anyone. I suppose not being able to sleep while flying can have it's advantages as I tend to move around quite a bit.

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The older we get the more of a problem this can be,3 of my friends have had this and nearly died because they did not understand the symptoms and had pulminary embolysiums,the blood clot reached the lungs ...very serious.


Take an aspirin,or Nattokinase(an extact of natto from Japan),before you fly to help prevent the red blood cells clumping together.

Don't fall asleep for long periods,get up and move around every hour,drink lots of water.


I thought I had some of the symptoms after my last trip and after 5 days worrying about it went to the international hospital in Phuket,where they gave my arteries and major veins in my leg a sonic scan...then I had the all clear.When I arrived Thailand I did a workout in the gym and the doctor said I had strained one of the large muscles in my thigh,which gave me some of the symptoms associated with DVT.The hospitals in Thailand are first class and cheap by western standards.

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There is increasing evidence that immobilization in airline seats for long flights puts people at risk for deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT, blood clots inside veins found deep in extremities or body cavities, is a common disorder. A venous thrombus is a clump of blood cells, platelets, and fibrin (clot) which attaches to the inside walls of veins, can grow in size, and break off to travel downstream from the clot. If the clot stays localized, it can cause swelling and vein irritation. If part of it breaks off, then it can cause blockage downstream, may travel to the lungs (pulmonary embolus) and result in serious illness or even death. In some circumstances, deep vein thrombosis may also contribute to other serious medical problems such as heart attack and stroke.

SYMPTOMS: While superficial venous thrombosis usually is accompanied by redness and tenderness along the course of the involved vein, deep venous thrombosis may not be accompanied by any symptoms at all. Symptoms of DVT, if present, usually include swelling of the involved extremity with local tenderness deep within the muscles in the area. If the DVT occurs in veins such as those in the pelvis there may be no symptoms. In these cases the first sign of DVT may be one of the complications mentioned above such as pulmonary embolus. Therefore, preventing DVT is key to saving injuries and lives. Prevention is especially important since DVT during long flights may not allow early medical intervention.


SUSCEPTIBILITY: Over 40 y.o. and risk increases with age. DVT occurs more common in women, than men.

External Risk Factors: Immobilization (bed rest, long trips, etc.). Smoking. Cramped seating in some new aircraft. Obesity. Recent Trauma from an accident or surgery (especially to legs). Decreased Oxygen. Oral contraceptives or hormonal replacement

Medical Risk Factors: Previous DVT, History of malignancy. Recent surgery. History of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (this disorder is associated with higher risk of DVT). Oral contraceptives or hormonal replacement.

Familial/Hereditary Risk Factors: Occurrence of DVT, especially under age 35


The risks are not simply additive, and the risk of DVT can more than double with 2 risk factors.




1.During Travel

-Stand up and walk around at least hourly

-Exercise your calf muscles by going up on tiptoes several times while standing

-Drink adequate fluids - at least 1 liter per 5 hours of flight

-Avoid alcohol as it increases the stickiness of platelets and promotes fluid loss

-Avoid crossing legs or prolonged awkward hip or knee positions whenever seated

-Wear loose fitting clothing when traveling


2.Stop Smoking

3.Lose Weight

4.Discuss with your doctor family and personal history that might pre-dispose you to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and increase your risk during travel.


5.Discuss whether folic acid may be helpful you in preventing DVT.

6.Discuss whether therapeutic compression stocking, and/or an anticoagulant would be helpful to you in preventing DVT

7.The effectiveness of aspirin as a preventive measure for DVT is controversial

8.Elevate your legs when possible

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I am 56 y.o. and often get leg-cramps, after a long-haul flight or overnight-bus ride, so DVT is a concern. I drink fluids & try to walk about a bit.


As a rule I fly via the Gulf, so that I have a stop-over & chance of exercise half-way, and hope it might help ?

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